Timeneye integration with Basecamp, icon.

Basecamp integration

If you use Basecamp, tracking time with Timeneye is straight-simple: you can track time for your to-dos directly from there. Save time and import your users, projects, to-do lists and to-do items with just one click.

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Track time using comments

Commenting a completed task to track time directly from Basecamp.

Track time by commenting on Basecamp to-dos with the time spent on them. For example, if you comment on a to-do with "2h25", Timeneye will register 2 hours and 25 minutes on the to-do's project and to-do list.

Import projects and users

Timeneye integration, screenshot of Basecamp linked projects and users.

The integration wizard provides you a step by step guide to link/import projects and users from your Basecamp account to Timeneye making the setup of your team even faster. You’ll be able to do more than just tracking time.

Always in sync

Basecamp tasks imported in Timeneye. Overview of suggested entries for projects.

Timeneye constantly checks your Basecamp account to retrieve the time entries you’ve added using comments. It checks your projects and automatically imports new to-do lists allowing you to forget about duplicate time and project entries.