November 12, 2016

3 years later, a new beginning

As many of you know, Timeneye started in 2013 with the mission of creating a fun, natural and effortless way to track time efficiently. Well, guess what? Today is the third birthday of Timeneye!

I want to take advantage of this event to thank all our customers and users for staying with us for such a long time. It’s been a crazy journey and we have to say, we are very happy with our results so far!

Another year has passed

During the last year, we’ve been busy rewriting what we already had. Why? Because we wanted to make sure that the Timeneye experience was as smooth as possible. It was important to address this issue first things first to allow our users a better, easier and simpler time tracking. We took extra care introducing an improved dashboard, report and user views, and fixing all the issues we could address right away.

Meanwhile, we’ve put our heads together and started thinking, developing and releasing new features, some of which you had the chance to test lately.

Until one month ago all the Timeneye code was maintained by a small development team, but as the customers started to increase both in number and in size, we realized that we needed to move Timeneye from an internal product to a real spin-off (from our parent company DM Digital SRL).

Bigger dreams, bigger team

So, during the last month we’ve hired new team members that will help us to step up our game. Our latest recruits have already got their hands dirty, and we are working on some amazing stuff that you’ll start seeing during the next months.
Now we can handle our users’ growth and keep improving the product releasing updates at a steadier pace.

Moving forward

Maintaining the Timeneye platform with a small development team forced us to automate a lot of time-consuming procedures.

This acquired know-how combined with more “man power” and a clear vision will give birth to an amazing new year. Long requested features and integrations will be implemented, plus new platforms will be supported next year – giving our users the possibility to track time “on the go” and generate better reports.

All of this was possible thanks to your amazing support

You guys have been awesome!

During last year we’ve been in touch with a lot of Timeneye users – discussing feature requests, bugs and productivity hacks. This excitement and interests gave us incomparable strength and energy. Your support and suggestions are the motivation that keeps us moving forward!

It’s been an awesome year, but we’re just getting started, so stay in touch with us for future updates: don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our roadmap.

Happy tracking!


Anas Bouhtouch

Anas is a developer so he knows that just ‘getting the job done’ isn’t enough – you need to make time to think beyond the normal scope of a project to do the really groundbreaking work for creativity and innovation.

Your time is priceless, take better care of it

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