January 8, 2015

5 simple tips to beat the post-Christmas blues

Christmas holidays are ended and the idea of going back to work has started to creep into the mind of many of us. The thought of sitting down again at the usual desk and fall into the boring routine just does not go down. What to do, then, in order to return to the office with renewed energy and desire to do?

You could, for example, change your route to go to work or set your alarm 15 minutes before to do some morning exercises, or, if you are not an early bird, just move your alarm clock away from the bed: this could be a good excuse to do some stretching in the morning. Abandon our habits would help us to feel a bit’ different and feel “born again”.

1. Clean your desk

a messy desk

Have you find your the desk full of papers, Post-it expired and empty glasses with traces of coffee dating a few weeks ago? The best thing to do would be to clean and fix your desk. A cozy place will help us to make our return to work less traumatic.

2. Surrender to the idea of being back again

mountain of paper

Useless to pretend that is not so: the holidays are ended and we are now back at the office. This is the reality and we should accept it as Steve Errey of “The Muse” explains: “Shaking your imaginary wings in a cage is not healthy. The only cage you have is your mind and fighting against the place where you are just makes you feel worse. It is only by accepting what’s around you that you can benefit from it. So when you find yourself fighting against your job, against that awkward meeting, take the wise decision to get back in the game. “

3. Try to have fun

We all have the feeling that the fun is gone along with our holidays. It’s not like that. Try to find the positive side of your job: laugh with colleagues, launch new projects, set a trip for next weekend. This is the right time to start a new sport or learn how to play your favourite instrument: futsal tournaments are great to let go off some tension and get rid of some extra pounds gained during the holidays.

4. Keep in touch with your latest friends

mobile copy

When you know someone on vacation or find yourself friends who have not seen for a long time, the typical sentence, the time to say goodbye, is: “We’ll keep in touch”. Well, the advice is to do it seriously, stay in touch with the people with whom we spent good times can put a smile on our face even during the first days of work.

 5. Remember the holiday spirit


When we are on vacation, we are more relaxed, kind and friendly to everyone. We are still the same but we are at the “top” of our physical and mental shape. Let us remember that feeling to improve our every day life.
Although some of you could be already too busy to follow these tips, we’d like to help you to relax and regain concentration with our Spotify playlist.

Trying to find a use for your latest Christmas present?

If your job is already killing you and some of your friends gave you a nerf gun for Christmas, this could be a way to use it and a creative idea to engage your team (disclaimer: Timeneye team does not encourage any dart blaster fight at the office).


Giovanni’s recently taken up a “caffeine free” way or life relying on green shakes in the morning (not sure he can still be considered Italian). Loves kayaking and always hopes on rainy days.

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