August 10, 2015

5 tips to stay productive during your holidays

The holiday season has officially started: along with seaside, cocktails on the beach and sunburns it means also a big drop in terms of productivity. Yes, this is your time to decompress and you deserve it, however, it is important to get the right balance of productivity and relaxation into your summer vacation so that they don’t burn the candle at both ends.

But how to stay productive during your holidays?

Here are 5 simple tips that can your help you to maintain productivity:

Follow a regular daily routine

Results of a study by the Universities of Swansea and Toulouse showed that, in the short-term, people who worked and slept irregular hours had, on average, a poorer memory and slower overall brain power than those who were following a regular daily routine.

Eat, work and sleep on time every day according to a regular routine. Only if you stay healthy and full of energy, you can stay productive.

Have a plan

Planning is the key to staying productive around the holidays. Take a few hours before the holiday hits to think about what you need to get done and how you’ll do it. You should have a sense of the most pressing projects that will wind up on your plate.

Having this plan will help your productivity during the holidays. Focus on work at work, and save holiday planning for after hours. When you know exactly what you’ll be doing ahead of time, you can focus exclusively on each task when it’s time to work on it, instead of trying to prioritize on the fly or juggle multiple projects together.

Treat yourself

Give yourself a reward after achieving a goal, rewards drive productivity. If there’s a suitably awesome reward to look forward to, you’ll move the heavens and earth to get stuff done. Choose a reward for yourself. This could be a relaxing bath, eating out or that a pair of shoes you’ve been ogling. Try to turn productive  behavior into a habit – getting more done means more treats, it’s valid whether on working or on vacation.

Create a to-do list

This list is not for your vacation days, but for your first workday after the holidays.

Coming back from vacation isn’t simply about catching up. It’s about getting ahead. Ask yourself a few questions: what’s my top imperative for my team? What will make the most difference to the company’s results? What’s less important?

After answering these questions, choose three to five major things that will make the biggest difference to you and to your organization. And you should be spending 95% of your energy moving those identified things forward on your first day back from vacation.

When everyone else comes back from the holidays scrambling to catch up, you’ll already be well underway.


This is your time to recharge, reflect, refuel and relax! Take a few days off, turn off the phone and share experiences with the people you’re with. Just designate a time in the morning and maybe a time in the evening to check email. It’s in both your interest as well as your employer’s that you take this opportunity to kick back so that you return to the office refreshed.  When your head is clear and your body is relaxed, you’ll be able to work faster and smarter.

Everyone should do as much as they possibly can to ensure maximum productivity.

Stay productive and use the time around the holidays to regroup your thoughts for September. You may turn the close of the fourth quarter into your most rewarding time of the year!


Giovanni’s recently taken up a “caffeine free” way or life relying on green shakes in the morning (not sure he can still be considered Italian). Loves kayaking and always hopes on rainy days.

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