December 25, 2014

An inspiring lesson from Jack Skellington – Merry Christmas from Timeneye!

I love movies and I’m a big Tim Burton fan, but when I saw that “The nightmare before Christmas” is going to be broadcasted tonight, my first thought was: “Oh no, another time no..”. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I admire the passion that Henry Selick put in this stop motion movie, but I just came to a point where I won’t be able to watch it another time: it’s from 1994 that this movie is broadcasted every single Christmas Day in Italy. This year it would be the 22nd time that I’ll be sitting on the couch with my parents and relatives at the end of a never ending meal feigning interest not to disappoint my little cousins.

Nevertheless Christmas lunch and dinner are both part of one single epic meal, yes you should already know that we love good food, I had time to think of a way to avoid another “Nightmare during Christmas” as I was starting to become bored with the same annual festivity routine.

So if tonight or in the next days you are going to be compelled to watch the movie by your children, friends or relatives and you are simultaneously thinking about how to launch your new startup or how to rebrand your product at the end of the Christmas holidays, this article might be for you.

Know what you serve

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 14.24.18

If Jack Skellington would have done a little research on what kids usually want for Christmas he would have understood that (most) children don’t want severed heads and bloody limbs as presents.

Like Jack I often believe to have amazing ideas, especially when these come to my mind just before going to bed, but when I analyze them in the morning I often discover that they aren’t as great as I thought the night before, mainly because I often forget to consider some important variables:

– Identify needs and market segmentation.

– Define product plans and brand involvement.

– Create different personas and shape each product to ensure to cover a wider portion of users on the market.

Two heads are better than one

Although Jack Jack DID check out the competition in Christmas Land, he just didn’t get it. He decided to do replace Santa trying to achieve this impossible goal all alone.

Don’t be afraid to find out the others’ opinions, we must try to listen to advice and criticism in an equal manner. Only after seeing your idea from different perspectives you’ll be able to correct mistakes and know what you’re doing for real.

“When you let go of your ego and open yourself up to learning and working with others, you put yourself in the best position to grow. You will undoubtedly improve and create a greater impact in ways you would not have achieved on your own.” Julie Greenbaum, cofounder of Fuck Cancer

Believe in your passion

Even though no one in Halloween Town really understands what Christmas is about, Jack gets them to execute his vision through his sheer passion. Everyone participates in bringing Jack’s vision of Christmas to life. They follow his directions and simply make it happen.

This is perhaps the biggest takeaway: your passion is contagious. Let it shine through and infect your team.

At Timeneye we feel a bit as Jack, tired of what the time tracking world was before and ready to put our passion in what we like the most even though we may be misunderstood sometimes: innovation is always hard to be accepted at first.

We are obsessed with our work but we never forget to take a break once in a while. This is how our Timeneye’s timers look right now:

Screen Shot 2014-12-25 at 17.59.00

Happy Tracking and happy Christmas from the Timeneye team!



Giovanni’s recently taken up a “caffeine free” way or life relying on green shakes in the morning (not sure he can still be considered Italian). Loves kayaking and always hopes on rainy days.

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