June 25, 2018

APIs update

Today we’ve released an update of our APIs and improved the documentation. It includes new endpoints, bugfixes, CORS support, new error codes and additional app info.

New fields on apps info and auth view

We’ve added new fields in the app’s dialog, in order to give additional info to the users that will be prompted with the authorization view. They are all mandatory except the app’s icon.

New documentation

We have moved the documentation from github to our guide website, under the new reference page you’ll be able to check our endpoints and try them out directly form the docu website.

In order to test our endpoints directly from the documentation website you’ll need a temporary token that you get from your developer panel view. We’ve added a new button “Get API docu. token” that will return a temp token to use in the docu website. Any call made in the documentation is still a request to the production endpoints, so be careful about what you delete and edit.

Changes that may affect your running app

We’ve introduced a requests limit that depends on the subscription of the authenticated user, you find more info in this section of the documentation.

We have fixed various bugfixes and standardized the error codes we return so that your app can understand what went wrong and act accordingly.

In the past tokens expiration was 2 years in the future, that was ridiculous so we’ve fixed it to 14 days. Just call the refresh token endpoint to get a new token when it expires.

This should not affect tokens already generated, but any new token from now on will expire in two weeks.

One more thing

Account admins can now block the possibility to authorize third-party apps. This should not affect your apps, as if it’s disabled the user will not be able to authorize your app in the first place.

As this is the first api update we’ve release in a long time, we’ve preferred to send an in-app notification to inform about the update.
From now on all updates will be sent via the developers mailing-list, that you can subscribe to from your apps email settings.

Anas Bouhtouch

Anas is a developer so he knows that just ‘getting the job done’ isn’t enough – you need to make time to think beyond the normal scope of a project to do the really groundbreaking work for creativity and innovation.

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