December 14, 2015

Introducing Arvo: our new mascot

Hey all!

Today we’d like you to meet ARVO, our new mascot! With his help, time tracking won’t be boring anymore.


But why a mascot?

We felt that Timeneye needed a new brand identity: a different way of how we present ourselves to the world. But more than that, our mascot is the result of several hours of brainstorming, rejected ideas and passion for our job.

We’ve never thought we’d ever want a racoon inside our offices however, as soon as Martina, our designer, provided us the first mockups we were sure that Arvo was the exception. It turned out that he was the perfect addition to our family and everyone in our office wanted to see further mockups with funny poses. Arvo will be your daily companion inside Timeneye: his tasks currently include getting you on board of Timeneye and welcoming you in the best way as possible. As our spokesperson, he’ll be responsible for keeping you updated on our latest release and news so, from time to time, you might see him waving inside your inbox bringing new deals, features and important updates.

If you ever get lost while using the app he’ll make sure to show the right way home. He is going to have the keys of our F.A.Q. section soon and he cannot wait to help you out (P.S. he doesn’t bite, we have trained him not to).

Every now and then ARVO will also tweet something from our Twitter channel, he’s a well-trained raccoon and he’s always ready to share some useful time management tips. Stay tuned because he’s gonna get wild in there!

He’s still a bit shy,  he’s only a month old, so make sure to share some love for him!

Give him some hug and cuddles:

P.s. We’re almost ready to release the new version of Timeneye. Stay tuned!


Giovanni’s recently taken up a “caffeine free” way or life relying on green shakes in the morning (not sure he can still be considered Italian). Loves kayaking and always hopes on rainy days.

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