December 9, 2014

Better suggested time entries and more

The new Timeneye is officially out of beta. This simply means that Timeneye is now stable and it contains the features we wanted to share with our customers. A lot of new features and improvements are already in the pipeline though, so keep in touch!

With the stable release of the new Timeneye, which contains some bugfix too, we focused on improving the suggested time entries interface and user interaction.

You can now scroll between days in the suggested entries list: this should make it easier to confirm previous suggested entries when you miss confirming them the same day they popped out.

We’ve reorganized the user preferences dialog too, adding the possibility to control the suggestion entries behavior: for each suggestions source (i.e. Basecamp, Google Calendar, etc.), you can set its mode to “auto” (meaning Timeneye will automatically hide suggestions coming from there if you don’t really use that source), to “on” or “off”.

Well then, happy tracking!


Daniele is the CEO of Timeneye and parent company DM Digital. He believes that if it’s simple and intelligent, time tracking can free up resource for innovation. It can be easy to forget to try new things if you’re constantly working on the day-to-day development of products. With Timeneye you can make sure that innovation is buit into your process.

Your time is priceless, take better care of it

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