August 31, 2018

Manage, Edit, And Delete Multiple Time Entries

Before we let go of the last bits of summer, here’s what you should know about our latest update.

It’s a small update, but we think that it’ll make a big difference in the way users manage their time entries. And most importantly, it’ll save them tons of time.

We’ve just added some new options to the Entries list: now you can bulk edit, move or delete your entries. Let’s see how!

Introducing new bulk actions in the Entries list

In Timeneye, users can visualize their time entries in two ways. One is the calendar-style dashboard, the core of everything that happens in Timeneye.

Alternatively, users find their entries in the Entries list.

The Entries list is located on the top Timeneye bar, right next to the blue Register time button.

Clicking in the entries icon opens a list of saved time entries (active and pending timers need to be saved in order to show up in the list). In this panel, you can easily manage your entries.

When clicking on the Show filters button on the top right, you’ll uncover all the filters you need, to sort out the entries by project, member, timeframe etc in just a few clicks:

And from right there, you can already use the Export option: you can download a list of your entries to CSV and PDF.

NEW: editing time and date, and deleting your Entries

When you open the filters, you’ll notice a checkbox next to each entry:

Start selecting, and you’ll see a light-blue section appear on the left:

The light-blue section is where you can manage your entries. There were a few options already, like the possibility to move entries to a different project, phase, or member.

Here are the new options available:

 1) Date

Pick a new date and move the selected entries there.
Until today, the only way to do it was by moving the entries around the calendar one by one. It was too time-consuming. Now, with this new option, you’ll be able to move multiple entries to another day.

2) Worked Time

Edit the time tracked for the selected entries.
Let’s say that one or more time entries have been tracked with a wrong duration. Now you can edit them in just a few clicks. Select the entries you need to edit, then in Worked time, select Change worked time, and enter the new duration.

Please note that if you select multiple entries, the new duration will be applied to all of them.

3) Delete entries

Need to clear your entries list? Simply select the entries you want to get rid of, and click Delete.

Careful! The action is non-reversible, and the entries will be lost forever once deleted. If you want to be safe, we suggest exporting a list of time entries before deleting, so you’ll have a backup just in case.

Bonus: move entries across projects and phases

As mentioned above, in the Entries list it’s possible to move entries to a different project. When moving the entries, users also had to choose a new phase for those entries, and that one phase was applied to all of them.

Now, if you move multiple entries to a different project you can still select a phase, but if you don’t, the system will automatically match the entries to a phase with the same name as the old one, or a new phase will be added to the project. (Make sure to have the access to that project, though.)

We hope that these new options will help speed up your work. Give them a try and let us know what you think.

Happy tracking!


Marketing Manager at Timeneye. She’s passionate about technology and finding better, smarter ways to work. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and belting out tunes from Broadway musicals (although the neighbours don’t seem to appreciate that). Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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