December 22, 2017

December Updates: New Timers and Suggestions

The year 2017 is almost ending, and as we juggle between last minute updates and New Year resolutions, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate our journey this year. We’d also like to share with you a few changes we’ve recently made in the web app that, we hope, will make using Timeneye even easier.

But most of all, we would like to thank all our users for their love and support in this year as well!

Our Milestones in 2017

This year, we embarked on the big task of giving Timeneye a new design and features. We loved the old interface, but we felt it was not as user-friendly as it should have been.

We wanted to create a dashboard where the users could get everything they needed to track time easily and effortlessly. Since we understand that everybody has its own time management habits, we also wanted our users to customize the dashboard to some extent – for example, adding different recaps and pie charts .

We launched the new Dashboard in July and we have to say, our users’ response has been awesome!


Another thing we knew we needed to tackle was redesigning our mobile apps. The old apps were buggy and ineffective, and we knew it couldn’t go on like this. Our new Timeneye apps for iOS and Android saw the light last July along with the new Dashboard.


More recently, we decided to expand our suite of products and launched TimeneyeCall, to finally introduce easy time tracking for phone calls. The time spent in phone calls tends to slip away and, as we always say, it’s hard to optimize one’s time without knowing where it’s spent.


Other updates we released in 2017:

Latest update: new timers and suggestions

In the last few weeks, we gave the time cards on the dashboard a new look:


The new timers are now clearly marked with a clock icon, so it’ll be easier to distinguish between a paused/active timers and a saved time entries. Active timers literally stand out from the rest so that you’ll know at a glance what you’ve been working on.

The second change we made was on the Suggestions:


Earlier on, the suggestions were placed directly on the dashboard, but this created a problem as the suggestions pushed down the rest of the time cards, and it was easy to click them by mistake.

We came out with a less intrusive solution: from now on the suggestion will appear as a little icon on the top right of the day on the calendar. Daily suggestions are light blue, while suggestions from an integration (Asana, Basecamp, Google or Outlook calendar) are marked with the integration’s logo. Simply click on the little icon to open the Suggestions’ list.


You can either click “Ignore all”, or click on any of the suggestions to save it, edit it or start tracking. Imagine coming to work and filling your timesheet in just a few clicks!

We also made another significant change to the suggestions: if no action was taken, suggestions used to expire in 3 days and were gone forever. From now on, suggestions will stay on the dashboard one full week.

Here’s to a productive 2018!

Once again we would like to thank you for your love and support. We still have a lot of work to do to make Timeneye the perfect time tracking tool, so follow us on Twitter, Facebook, here on our blog, and keep an eye on our development roadmap for updates.

We will take a break until January 1st to recharge and then start the new year with lots of energy, new features, and ideas. Our support might be slower than usual so if you have an emergency please send us a tweet @Timeneye after submitting your ticket.

Happy Holidays from the Timeneye team!


Marketing Manager at Timeneye. She’s passionate about technology and finding better, smarter ways to work. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and belting out tunes from Broadway musicals (although the neighbours don’t seem to appreciate that). Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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