March 26, 2015

An easier way to generate reports

We are always working to make Timeneye simpler without renouncing to efficiency: this time we fixed few things that will improve your experience with our time tracking software. After analysing your tips, we decided to make a few changes.


Reports are now divided into 5 different sections to help you choose the best reports for your needs. We’ve added a small description under every type of report: this will help you choosing which one is right for that situation, saving you some precious time.

Even editing an existing report has become faster: we’ve improved the “Change Filters” button to edit a report that you have already generated, without going back to the reports menu to change your preferences.


We’ve noticed that many users were a bit lost during the creation of new tasks or phases. That’s why we decided to add a “+ button next to the ‘Select Task/Phase’ drop down menu in the dashboard (please note that this new feature applies to the COMPACT time tracking mode only).

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 15.08.47From now on, you will be able to directly create a new task or phase for a project with just only one click, instead of taking the long way around from the Project menu.


Whether you want to edit your account information, set the preferences for your dashboard and emails, you can now do it with an improved and user-friendly User Settings Menu.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 15.12.19

Don’t forget to visit the “Freebies” section on the top right-hand corner to get                     instant extra week of unlimited use of Timeneye.

We are always looking for new suggestions to improve Timeneye. If you think that there is a feature we should implement, contact us at [email protected] or drop us a comment below.


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