March 16, 2016

Improving the way teams work together in Timeneye

Today we’ve made the first step towards a better team management and account optimization inside Timeneye. A few months ago we realized that some users who already had an active subscription wanted to be part of a team but, unfortunately, this wasn’t possible. The only solution was deleting the account and get invited by the team’s administrator: definitely a time wasting and tricky way to do it.

As we wanted to overcome this issue asap, from now on every user in Timeneye will be associated with a company or organization in order to create a common profile for multiple users: the team. By logging in to Timeneye, you’ll find a small change in the top bar right below your name. As you can see now I am a member of the company called Timeneye. Yaaaaaay!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 15.49.57

How to set the company name in Timeneye

As we wanted to save you some time, we have automatically assigned a company to every paying account relying on the billing information. For all the other account, this name does not correspond to your company or organization… but don’t worry, you can edit it by following these simple steps:

– Go to the Account Settings;

– Type the name of your company in the Company field and click on save to confirm.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 15.53.05

This small but important change is a preliminary step towards creating dynamic teams where you’ll be able to invite existing Timeneye users in just a few clicks.

When will the complete feature be released? Very, very soon!

As always we welcome your feedback – it’s vital for us to see what you think about this upcoming feature. Make sure to reach out to support with any feedback or drop a comment below.

We are gradually becoming addicted to new features and updates and we hope this new update will bring a little smile on your face too!


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