February 7, 2019

NEW! Making Projects Public To Your Timeneye Workspace

With lots of projects, tasks, and resources to take care of, managers need to set up the work nice and easy. To make the project creation process simpler, today we’re introducing a new feature to Timeneye: public projects.

Why public projects?

In Timeneye, projects are compulsory track time, and a user has to be added to the project before they start to track time.

Until today, the creator of the project had to add the users manually every time. It worked fine on workspaces with small teams, but it could be very cumbersome for big teams with a lot of users and projects.

Not to mention, even small teams asked us for an easier way to include members to the projects: after all, many businesses work with all hands on deck, and everybody needs to be able to track time.

How to make your projects public

From now if you’re an Owners/Admin you’ll be able to set a project as public so that every member gets automatically added to track time.

When you create your new projects, you can do it from the Projects section of the workspace, or using the green “Create new project” option directly in the Register time dialog.

Right under the project’s name, you’ll see the new Make the project public for the workspace option.

If you check the option, the “Add following members” field will disappear as you won’t need to add other people anymore. The public project is available for tracking to every user of the workspace.

You can always review your decision later and change this setting by editing the project information later on.

Public project FAQs

Is the project accessible from outside the workspace?

No. The project is public for anybody in the workspace, which means that everybody can track time for it. Simple as that.

Can I still add people manually?

Yes, you can! Whether you want to make a project public to everybody in the workspace, or manually select and add users to it, it’s entirely up to you.

Who can make a project public?

Only Owners/Admins can set a project as public.

Make sure to give this feature a try and let us know what you think about it. Happy tracking!


Marketing Manager at Timeneye. She’s passionate about technology and finding better, smarter ways to work. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and belting out tunes from Broadway musicals (although the neighbours don’t seem to appreciate that). Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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