June 15, 2018

June Updates: New Features And A Few Big Changes

We’re constantly gathering feedback and working to improve Timeneye. Today we’re releasing a big update full of enhancements and new features: a new Activity register and user Switch feature, and a better way to help our customers out in Timeneye.

First, we have an important announcement to all our paying customers.

With this update, we’re switching to monthly/annual paying subscriptions. This means that from now on all subscriptions for teams will automatically renew.

Why this change?

Until today, our paying customers had to manually renew their subscription every time it expired.

Users have been asking us to automate the process from day 1. They hated having to remember their subscription expiration date, making their payment manually and being cut off from their account because their owner didn’t have time/forgot to renew.

From now on, users will simply have to select their plan, pick their subscription duration, and click “Start subscription”. That’s it.

We hope the new procedure will save our users more time.

We’re simplifying our subscriptions, too: from now on, it will be only possible to purchase a monthly subscription or an annual one (10% discount). The pricing plans, on the other hand, stay the same.

We’re also retiring one of our payment methods, PayPal.

We have used it for a long time, but PayPal is not available in some countries and to be honest, many users reported having problems using it. So from now on, all our users have to do to purchase the subscription is to enter the credit card details. The payment will be processed via Stripe.

When your subscription expires, access the Plan&Billing section of the account. You’ll have to update the invoicing information by adding the credit card details, select the subscription duration and then click “Start”. You will always able to pause or delete your account at any time.

Please make sure to have a look at our pricing FAQs by clicking here.

(nothing changes for solo accounts: Timeneye is always free for one user)

And now, here are the brand new features in Timeneye:

NEW! The Activity register

Recently, we had some cases of users who accidentally deleted projects and/or phases.

Deleting is a permanent operation in Timeneye (unlike the Archive feature that keeps the data intact), so there was no way to get those time entries back. Users asked for a way to help them understand how that could have happened.

So today we’re introducing the brand new Activity register. It’s located under the user avatar on the top right.

It’s basically a list of the last actions made by a user in the account:


For team accounts, the Activity register will have an additional section for Owners and Admins. The section will show the latest activities in the whole account by its members.

This will make it easier for admins and team leaders to stay updated with what the team has been doing and prevent accidents like deleted projects and lost entries.

Another new feature: the User switch

In Timeneye, one email address can only be associated with one user at a time. We have users who track their time in Timeneye while being part of different organizations, who had to create separate Timeneye accounts.

From now on, those users will be able to quickly switch between the accounts.

In the menu on the top right, under the user avatar, there is a Switch user button.

You can add all the Timeneye accounts you’ve been using and click on the one you’re trying to access.

Please note that the accounts will still be effectively separated, so make sure to check you’re in the correct account. 🙂

A better Help desk

Getting started on a new software is not always smooth sailing. We have our Timeneye product guides to help our users, and our Support team is always available to answer your questions. But we also made some improvements to the Help section of the account.

On the top of the Help desk, you will see tips and tricks on how to use Timeneye, and maybe some features that you didn’t know about.

Of course, feel free to write us at [email protected] if you didn’t find your answer, or if you have comments or suggestions, or just to say hello! 🙂

Timeneye subscription FAQs

How does it work?

Starting from June 15th 2018 the Timeneye subscription will be billed automatically on a monthly/annual basis. This very common among all time tracking software and SaaS business in general.

Why are you making this change?

Until today, the renewal and purchase of a Timeneye subscription had to be done manually by our users every time. Many users have asked for us to automate the process because the one we had was cumbersome and time-consuming.

By automating the procedure, our users won’t lose any more time renewing and they won’t risk being cut off the account because the Owner didn’t make the payment.

Are you changing the pricing plans, too?

No. For the moment we’re only introducing automatic billing, the pricing plans stay the same.

I still have some days left on my plan. Will you charge me right away?

No. You will not be charged until the subscription expires. Then you’ll have to:

  • Access the Plan&Billing section of the account;
  • Update your invoicing details by adding your Credit card;
  • Select your subscription duration;
  • Click Start subscription;

From that moment on, you’ll be charged on a monthly/annual basis according to what you purchased.

Wait! I have an old subscription that I haven’t renewed for ages. Will you start charging me right now?

Absolutely not. We won’t charge you unless you actively add your credit card details and click “Start subscription”.

I’ve been using PayPal for my Timeneye subscription. How do purchase my subscription from now on?

We’re dismissing PayPal as a payment method. If you’ve been using PayPal, when your subscription expires you’ll have to enter your credit card details.

How do you process payments?

We use world-renowned payment system Stripe to process our payments. As the payment is processed via Stripe, we do not store credit card details.

Can I pause my subscription? How do I avoid being charged?

Yes, you can pause your subscription anytime from Plan&Billing.
Simply click on the red “Cancel subscription” button before the payment is made and you won’t be charged until you decide to reactivate your subscription again.

Will you keep the long subscriptions discount?

To simplify the payment procedure, we will offer either monthly or annual subscriptions. With the annual subscription, there is a 10% discount.

3-month and 6-month subscriptions will no longer be available.

Please feel free to reach out at [email protected] for any question or if you need any assistance with your payment.


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