February 6, 2019

How To Easily Create And Manage Your Clients In Timeneye

How can you make sure you’re dedicating the right amount of time to your clients? Do you keep track of all the activities and make sure you respect the budgets? Do you know which one of your clients takes most of your time?

You can answer all these questions with this useful Timeneye features.

Where to find your Clients in Timeneye

First of all, you need to create some clients to whom you’ll assign your projects, to allocate time more accurately. There’s a dedicated Clients section in the Timeneye Workspace, under Management>Clients:

In the Clients view, you can add your clients and even assign a color to them (which will come useful in Reports, but we’ll talk about that later). In the pop up you can also see how many projects you’ve assigned to them. Remember to get back to this section when you want to edit your clients.

How to assign your projects to your Clients

Once you have all your clients set up, you’ll have to assign some projects to them.

This way, when you track time for your projects, the time will be assigned to their clients too, and it will show up in reports and recaps.

Go to the Project section, and after clicking the Edit button, in the Project details you can select the client. At the moment a project can only be assigned to one client at a time, while clients can have multiple projects assigned to them.

Save time while tracking: the Client filter

When you have lots of projects and clients, finding the right project to track time for can take a lot of scrolling through the register time fields.

To ease the process, you can add a Client filter to the Register time dialog. This filter helps you pre-select the project that will appear in the dropdown menu.

The filter can be activated from App settings>Register Time form>Show Client filter:

Using to see how much time you dedicate to your clients

We always stress how time tracking tools help you easily gather data on your time and turn them into useful information for your business activity.

In Timeneye, there are several ways to know exactly how much time your clients have been taking you. This information can help you:

  • Correctly invoice your clients, while making sure that every single minute of your work is adequately paid;
  • It will also help you identify the most profitable projects, and raise a red flag on clients who drain too many of your resources;
  • Improve transparency within your business and with the client.

Gather a list of all the time entries tracked for a client

If you need a detailed list of the time tracked for a client, head to the Entries section of the account. It’s located in the top bar, next to the Register time button.

When you click on the “Show filters” button, you’ll see a list of options to sort out your entries, including the client. You can also target your entries list to cover a specific timeframe.

Then you can export the list of entries to PDF and voilà! Your document is ready to be shared internally, or to be attached to your client’s invoice to clearly and transparently show the work done.

Add a Client recap on the dashboard

Need a quick snapshot of how much time your clients are taking? Set up a Client recap module on your dashboard.

This little pie chart serves as a useful summary that you can view in different timeframes. Add the module by clicking the Dashboard options button.

Run a Client Report

Lastly, for a more detailed analysis, in the Reports section, there is a dedicated Client report. You can run it on one, or even multiple clients at a time:

If you focus your report on many Clients at a time, make sure to check the Members section of the report: you’ll understand at a glance which one of your clients is taking too much of your team’s resources.

All the reports in Timeneye (Client report included) can be exported to CSV and PDF.

Did you give any of this features a try? Do you have any suggestions on how to improve them? Let us know in the comments!


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