September 17, 2015

New tools added to Timeneye Chrome Extension

Today we are excited to announce that 2 new tools have been added to our Google Chrome Extension. We’d like to welcome Podio and Breeze to the Timeneye family. Our goal remains the same: connect Timeneye with the leading productivity and time project management applications.

Timeneye + Podio + Breeze

We decided to add Podio as we wanted to provide a free time tracking and project management experience to our users. From today, you can finally manage your tasks and projects and track the time spent on them for free.

Breeze, on the other hand, has been the most suggested integration of the summer. As we always believe that our users are a great part of Timeneye development, we couldn’t ignore you. Having Breeze among our integrations, opens new possibilities to track time for your tasks, calendars, discussions, to-dos, files and reports.

We have a list of dozens of services to integrate with, and it’s likely to already include the services on your wishlist. Help us prioritize which ones to focus on next by suggesting your tool to [email protected].

If you can’t wait, you can build an integration yourself using the following resources:

  • The Timeneye API  provide in-depth access to all of Timeneye’s features for more complex integrations;
  • before creating a new integration visiting the following page and hit Create New App to obtain a new client_id and client_secret.

Besides the 2 new integrations, some more features were added and fixed in the last month:

Russian, Hebrew and Arab are now supported languages in Timeneye as we have fixed a small issue with Raleway font;

multiple lines are now available in the Optional Notes: simply hit⇧+Enter to create an additional line;

integrations icons have been added to reports and in every Entry Log: it’s now easier to spot the origin of your entries;

general bugfixes have been made to fix small glitches that were affecting our Google Chrome Extension.

What’s next?

In the next weeks, 3 important features will be added to Timeneye:

  • Custom billable rates for single users and better budget consistency;
  • integrations improvements and invoicing integrations;
  • new mobile app for iOS devices.

It’s been almost a year now since we released our first major update, In these 12 months, we have gathered many useful feedbacks from you and spent several hours in brainstorming sessions as we wanted to understand how to improve the general workflow and the UX design.

We have silently started working on a new web app design in early September and we are extremely happy about how we are changing the general aspect and interface.
We cannot say too much at the moment as the update is due in the next months, but we are pretty sure that you’ll love it and that your time tracking experience will be even simpler and easier.


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Your time is priceless, take better care of it

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