November 20, 2014

Notifications and getting started checklist

During the last few days we introduced a couple of important features on


To improve communication between Timeneye and users, we added a Notifications sections where users receive information about what’s happening “under the hood”: for example, notifications keep admins up-to-date with Basecamp and Redbooth sync status, notify them about the possibility to import a new project from Basecamp, etc.

In the next releases we will widen the scope of this tool.

Getting started checklist

A new user’s approach to Timeneye should be extremely simple. To achieve this, we have added a “getting started checklist” that walks new users throught the first steps.



Daniele is the CEO of Timeneye and parent company DM Digital. He believes that if it’s simple and intelligent, time tracking can free up resource for innovation. It can be easy to forget to try new things if you’re constantly working on the day-to-day development of products. With Timeneye you can make sure that innovation is buit into your process.

Your time is priceless, take better care of it

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