July 16, 2020

New! Track Time For Office 365 Calendar Events

A new integration is here to make teams more productive and organized: Timeneye now automatically retrieves Office 365 Calendar events.

A while ago we introduced our time tracking integration with Outlook Calendar. The integration syncs with the calendar to automatically retrieve the events for the current day, and show them in your Timeneye dashboard as suggested entries:

This allowed users to track time for their meetings and events, to keep track of their non-billable activities like meetings and be more organized during the day.

Now, the same integration will support Office 365 Calendar events.

How to track Office 365 Calendar events

These events are supported in our Outlook Calendar integration. So, to get started with tracking your Office 365 calendar events, if you haven’t done that already, go to the Integrations section and set up your integration.

Simply follow the procedure so you can link the correct calendar to Timeneye. You can only link one calendar at a time.

Select your Office 356 calendar and you’ll be good to go!

A few notes about this integration:

  • The integration only retrieves events for the current day;
  • Allow the integration a few minutes to sync and retrieve the event;
  • You can sync one calendar at a time;
  • The events appear in your dashboard as suggested entries. Click on the suggested entry to track time or save the entry;
  • The integration will attempt to match the name of the event with the correct project. To ensure a perfect match, make sure to add the name of the project somewhere in the event name or the event description.

Make sure to give this integration a try and let us know what you think!


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