November 23, 2015

3 Simple Tips to Stay Productive During Black Friday

Let’s face it, it happens to everyone! Out of curiosity or need, in the 15-minute break or just at the end of our lunch most of us contemplate the spamming emails that we receive in the morning about the latest clothing and tech deals.
Whether it’s the new dress to wear for the upcoming Friday night our or birthday gift idea for friends or your loved ones, whether to satisfy a curiosity or buy basic kitchen tools, rummage through web counters is an irresistible temptation for many, especially during sales.

And which is the biggest online sale of the year if not Cyber Monday?

While you are reading this article, thousands of Social Media Strategist all around the world are preparing their marketing campaign for that week, trying to steal your attention and make you purchase their (most of the times) unsellable product. Thanks to big brands like Amazon, who has introduced countdown deals a couple of years ago, next Monday, November 30, could be the most unproductive day of the year.

As our company is based in Italy, we won’t have any free days during the Black Friday’s week, so we figured out how to be sure to make good deals while staying productive at work.

Create a Game Plan


Black Friday’s week it’s a hardcore shopping experience, and if you don’t make a plan, you could get lost in the shuffle. Online retailers are already creating captivating deals to get you “in the door” and then making a bundle off other items in their inventory. Make sure to know what you want ahead of time only stick with the items you need: this will save you money and time too.

Wunderlist is a great way to create your upcoming Black Friday shopping list and to avoid buying something you haven’t planned before.

Don’t check emails


For that day we have decided to stick with one of the best time management tips: check emails once a day. This will allow us to focus on our work and avoid constant distractions. If this is too “full on”, you can also try the “chicken line”: check your email box once an hour and when you do, make sure not to multitask but do just that!

Add websites to StayFocusd

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 15.00.57

We always use StayFocusd to block out distraction and to make sure we are not spending too much time in things we have marked as “procrastinating ones”. Stayfocusd is a great browser add-on and it simply asks for a total amount of time you want to let yourself spend on all your non-productive sites. Kind of a clever restriction to have, because you just know you’d be heading right back to work once your Amazon timer ran out.

Watch our for fake deals


Set price alerts for things you want in advance of the holidays. The lowest price may not be on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so keep an eye out!




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