August 5, 2016

Something you should know about us before going on holidays

It’s that time of the year again: summer holidays.

Days are extremely hot here in Italy and our ceiling fans are struggling to keep the pace with the heat that is knocking on our office doors every day.
We can’t ignore it anymore and we are almost ready to take a short break before releasing the new update for the Timeneye web app: “Timeneye Cailliau“.

We have been quite silent in the last weeks so we thought: “why not doing a quick update on what we are going to release next?”

Something is already here!

Yes, if you use Timeneye every day you might have already spotted some small yet important changes that should have already improved your time tracking experience:

  • we have replaced the faded effect for timers with brand new icons to easily recognize timers and time entries:Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 11.40.50
  • active timers can be now identified from the blinking green dot next to the pending time:


  • the current month and year are now shown in the middle of the calendar’s topbar;
  • we have added a new Calendar Settings icon and introduced an additional feature on top of the original “Show weekends”. From now on all grouped entries can be ungrouped in case of necessity by simply unchecking the “Group similar items” box : Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.03.31
  • the long-awaited “This Week” selection feature is finally live! This has been one of the top requests we got in the last months so we have decided to add the filters “this week”, “last week”, “this month” and “last month” in the Personal Recap, in the Reporting section and the Team Status view as well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.12.29

  • timers can now be started or paused with a simple double click gesture. You can pause a timer by double clicking on it and restart it with another double click: if you are switching between different projects during the day, this feature will certainly save you plenty of time during the day. The good news is not over yet: if you double-click a time entry, a new timer with the same project and phase will be automatically created.
  • pending time (time that has not been saved yet) is now showing in red next to the tracked time.Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 15.54.36

The best is yet to come!

Some important features haven’t been released yet: “the longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it finally arrives”.

Jokes apart, we are almost ready to release a brand new features collection for pro accounts (50+ users):  a “Group” feature an “Entries Lock” functionality and a new “Client field” in the Register Time dialog.

3 new integrations will be also added to our Chrome Extension. They are still “top secret” but we are sure that you’ll love them!

Well, this is what has been going on here in Modena for the past weeks. We are now going on a short vacation to recharge and get ready for our next challenge.
Our support in the next 2 weeks is going to be slower than usual, if you have an emergency please tweet at us after submitting your ticket!

See you at the end of the month for the biggest part of the update!


Giovanni’s recently taken up a “caffeine free” way or life relying on green shakes in the morning (not sure he can still be considered Italian). Loves kayaking and always hopes on rainy days.

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