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How To Monitor Productivity In A Remote Team

Working remotely surely grants a lot of freedom. But it makes it difficult for team leaders and team members to evaluate the work.

Measuring productivity is the responsibility of managers even when the team works remotely.

In this article from our remote work series, we’ll explain how managers can effectively measure the productivity of a remote team – without unnecessary stalking.

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The Secrets To A Perfect Project Plan

If you have been running a startup for some time, you’ve probably heard about the importance of project planning and management.

Everyone talks about dealing with projects, how difficult it can be and how busy it keeps them – especially with startups. This is because projects benefit your business, and you might even depend on them.

To be a successful project manager, though, you will need a good project execution planning.

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How To Quickly Transition To A Remote Setting

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has swept over countries worldwide, many businesses have found themselves working remotely for the first time.

Working remotely assures everybody can stay safe in their homes, and businesses can still carry on the essential activities for their survival.

A forced transition to a remote setting is quite different from a company gradually preparing and moving out of the office.

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7 Deadly Management Mistakes that Ruin Employee Motivation

Put yourself in the shoes of an employee who gives it their best shot every time but still does not get the recognition, appreciation, and reward he or she deserves.

Yes, you are passionate about your job and that is what drives you through tough situations but if that pattern continues overtime, it can negatively impact your motivation level.

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How To Plan A Project When You Have No Idea Where To Start

I remember the first planning meeting we had after I became Project Manager of Timeneye.

There was a lot of awkward silence, me shuffling through papers, and changing the monthly plan back and forth.

When you’re tasked with managing a project for the first time, planning requires a lot of guessing and adjustments. Without past experiences in your baggage, how can you estimate deadlines and due dates? How can you decide how much workload can any team member take?

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5 Mistakes That Can Doom Your Project From The Start

Have you ever started a new project with the uncomfortable feeling that it’s going to fail?

Any person who’s had experience as a project manager knows that all projects hit bumps along the road. It’s part of the game.

However, I’m sure it has happened to any project manager: to begin with the unpleasant feeling that the project will, indeed, go wrong.

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Introducing: Recurring Hourly Budgets

Having a steady flow of revenue from clients is a challenge for most businesses.

A breath of oxygen can come from offering recurring services at a fixed price, to the same clients. But how can businesses be sure they can stick to the work planned, and not exceed it?

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added to Timeneye a new PRO feature that will help do just that: recurring hourly budgets.

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How To Deliver High-Stakes Projects With A Small Team

After months of networking, negotiating, and hoping, the first big contract with a huge client arrives. Congratulations!

If you and your team rise to the occasion, the opportunity will bring lots of revenue and notoriety to the business.

Here’s how to make sure you and your team are put in the conditions to work in the best way – to deliver the best results.

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Using Client Feedback: Improving the Projects You Manage

Project management is as much about completing a task to the best of your ability as it is about improving on your business’s ability to meet the needs of its consumer base.

Your business can’t improve, though, if you don’t take stock of your previous clients’ opinions of your work.

Obtaining client feedback, though, can be a little difficult if you don’t maintain a relationship with your clients.

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