November 18, 2014

The new Timeneye is here

Time management is the key to sustainable creativity. Creative explorations, side projects, personal passions – these are all vital to modern business innovation. Some companies even give this ‘personal project’ time a name (Google’s “20% Time” being the most obvious example). Whether or not it’s codified into company policy, many businesses are aspiring to encourage long term growth by nurturing innovation as a part of their process. But too often innovative and creative projects get sidelined because there’s a worry that they’ll take up too much time.

Enter the new version of Timeneye, developed to solve precisely this problem. I usually describe the position I was in before time management as being “in the dark”. Timeneye turned on the lights, letting the team see how much time we were spending on innovation, on client service and on business development.

Of course, proper time tracking helps a team budget time effectively (and correctly quote new clients / charge hourly-rate paying clients). But what makes Timeneye different is that it doesn’t stop there – it recognises that time tracking is dull and that to get real innovation you need to make it simple and intelligent.

That means integration with project management and calendar software like Basecamp. It means using your schedule to fill in your time sheet for you. Of course you can edit the suggestions manually – after all not everything you do will be in recorded in the cloud, but the point is that it’s fast and easy – words not usually associated with time sheet management…

The bottom line for our business is that Timeneye has allowed us to make sure we’re not neglecting the important, in favour of the urgent. That means more innovation, more creativity and a stronger long term business. And with this new version of Timeneye we’re ready to share our vision of intelligent simple time tracking with the world.


Daniele is the CEO of Timeneye and parent company DM Digital. He believes that if it’s simple and intelligent, time tracking can free up resource for innovation. It can be easy to forget to try new things if you’re constantly working on the day-to-day development of products. With Timeneye you can make sure that innovation is buit into your process.

Your time is priceless, take better care of it

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