October 4, 2016

Timeneye Cerf update

One of the founding principles of Timeneye was to be simple and frictionless. With our latest release, we want to further minimize friction when tracking time while adding more features and new integrations. Today we are excited to release the Timeneye Cerf update we’ve been working on during the last month.

What’s new?

We have warned you something was about to change by releasing an announcement just before going on holidays.

We have been waiting for today for several weeks and we hope you are as excited as we are now.

Since some of our new customers were struggling with the project creation, we’ve introduced a new “add me as PM” checkbox during the project creation procedure. (Before you ask: no, we’re not working on a SpaceX 2.0 rocket 🚀).


The number of created projects in Timeneye is rising and sometimes the available colors were not enough for all your projects. Now it will be possible to assign a complete custom color to a project by clicking on the “Custom” field in the Color section. Simply type a HEX code for it and be creative!


You can now save precious minutes when creating a new project by using the new “project creation” functionality which will allow you to create a new project from an existing one. To better use this feature we suggest you to create a template project which you can use for creating recurrent projects that have the same phases, budgets, users and billable time. Just select “Copy project” when creating a new project in the Project List section.


Pro features

Since many medium/large companies are now in Timeneye we have created some ad-hoc features (these will be available for customers with a 50+ account only.) You can access the Pro features from the “Pro Tools” section of the Account Settings section.


Organize the team in Groups

Having multiple departments inside the company is a must. And this is something we really missed in Timeneye.

From now on it will be possible for every user to be part of a specific group inside your Timeneye team.

You can manage Groups in the “Groups” tab inside the Team Management section. Just click on a group to open the Group Editor section where you can assign to it multiple projects and users. Remember: a user can be part of one Group only.


Track time using the Client Filter

A new field has been added to the “Register time section”. A Client Filter is now available: this has been designed to quickly select the client you are working for to better filter projects associated with him/her.


Lock entries

The highly requested Entries Lock feature is now available.

In the Pro Tools tab, simply enable it and select a reference date to lock all the time entries older than a given date. From that date, all locked entries will be visible but not editable which means users won’t be able to add or edit time in the days previous the reference date.


And… some few other things

Our team is working every day to make sure Timeneye is working at 100%, however, in the last month, we have seen some small bugs that needed to be fixed. Some of them were even reported by Timeneye users! In case you should see any strange malfunctioning or something missing, don’t hesitate to reach out!

On the other hand, we have added some small yet important features to improve the general look and usability of the web app. An “item counter” has been added to certain tabs to provide a quick overview of the number of projects, phases, users on a certain view. No need to calculate manually the number of projects anymore!


With all these changed we had to improve the overall speed performances of the web app to provide the same and even better usability.

The most important fix we made is the one related to the PDF/CSV export. Here’s what we have improved:

  • the entries time is now available both formatted in “h:mm” and “total minutes”;
  • we have fixed some wrong column titles that weren’t reflecting the actual field inside it;
  • on the Activity Report we added a “client”+“billed” columns and integration information when available.

Last thing: as you’ve probably already noticed, Arvo was promoted as “Racoon Email Officer“.


What are we working on now?

Our developers are now working on a major Chrome Extension update to fix some integration issues and add 3 new tools to our Integrations.

We’ll also add new Pro Features as the possibility to edit/remove a locked entry by using our API. This feature will be very useful for companies that need to have a project for Vacancy/off-time and have an external tool to manage them.

Our Reports will get better too and we’ll also add the new “Group” field inside them to extract further customized data.

Feedback Welcome!

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the new features. Take them for a spin, click all the things, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you notice a bug or have any suggestions for us. We definitely appreciate your feedback!





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