December 18, 2018

Our Last Update Of 2018: New Menu, And New Edit Actions On Projects

Before we wave 2018 goodbye, we’d like to introduce you to our latest update of the year: featuring a menu redesign, and brand new bulk actions on projects.

A new Workspace menu

We simplified the menu and gave it a restyling!

Our old menu worked fine, but as we started to add features and sections, it looked too long and messy. Now the menu stays visible and located to the side. Users can conveniently collapse the menu on the side to enjoy all the space of the dashboard.

The sections that users will see on the menu vary according to the type of plan and the permissions level they hold in the Timeneye workspace. Admins and Owners are usually those who find a lot of sections in their menu, due to all the management functionalities in Timeneye.

The menu is now organized like this:

  • Projects: same as before, but we move it up as this is one of the most important sections of Timeneye;
  • Status: same as before, right under Projects;
  • Reports: same as before;
  • Integrations: same as before;
  • Activity log: changed from “Workspace activity”
  • Management: this brand new section gathers all the sections that Admins and Owners typically need to manage the workspace. It includes Team members, Clients, Phase categories, Workspace settings, Plan&billing, and Import sections.

We also simplified the user menu on the top right: now it only has the App and User settings, and the User switch. The personal activity is still there, but it’s in the personal tab inside the “Activity log”.

Inside, the sections are pretty much the same, except that in the Team members section, there is a brand new button that takes you to the Groups, and in Projects a similar button takes you to the Phases section.

We hope the new menu will help you keep more organized and save you time while you track! Let us know what you think and make sure to send us your feedback.

New bulk actions in Projects

When you have many projects to manage and edit, taking the least amount of time possible to manage them is a must.

Let’s say that a new employee comes in, or that you have to add a new resource to your projects, or that your client is now demanding a new activity (phase) for a project.

Now in the Projects section, Admins/Owners can select the projects, and from the Bulk edit options you can:

  • Add users to the selected projects;
  • Add phases to the selected projects;
  • Set the same client for all the selected projects.

This will be the last update for 2018. It’s been a super busy year when we’ve made quite a few changes to Timeneye.

If you want to see all the updates we published, click here.

We will now take a short break. Our headquarters will be closed from December 22nd, 2018 to January 1st, 2019 to recharge our batteries and prepare for the next year.

Support will be active during the holidays, but it might be slower than usual, we’ll keep an eye on all messages but if you have an emergency, poke us on Twitter @timeneye.

Thank you all for your support this year, we have big plans for 2019 so stay tuned!

Happy Holidays from the Timeneye team. Here’s to a productive year!


Marketing Manager at Timeneye. She’s passionate about technology and finding better, smarter ways to work. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and belting out tunes from Broadway musicals (although the neighbours don’t seem to appreciate that). Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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