December 23, 2016

A year of Timeneye: announcements, milestones, and other cool stuff

We know, we know: it is that time of the year. It is the moment when everybody sums up the year’s achievements and draws out lists of goals for the next year, and share it with friends and loved ones.

So, following the Holiday spirit, we would like to share our own “A year in review of Timeneye” with our loving, big family around the world: that is right, IT IS YOU!

We would like to thank all our users and friends for their incredible love and support. The Timeneye community is growing every day and we want to take this opportunity to sum up all the work we did so far, to introduce you to the most recent updates, and make a few exciting announcements for the future. Are you ready? Let’s start!

Timeneye: 2016 milestones

When we started Timeneye, we had a clear mission: to make Time tracking easy, natural and quick, helping teams and freelancers everywhere improve their productivity. Timeneye grew from a small internal project to something that is now complete, efficient and fits the need of teams of all sizes.

We worked hard to get to this result: we hit a few bumps along the road, celebrated amazing results, sometimes had to start all over from scratch. But we always kept the focus and motivation to move forward. It has been an exciting road, and believe us: the REAL fun is about to begin!

The biggest milestone for 2016 was the introduction of the new Timeneye: we spent a lot of time restyling, rewriting and remaking Timeneye, following our customers’ suggestion, brainstorming new ideas, adding new cool features and a new and improved dashboard.

We also took extra care in restyling the website, trying to make the user experience as smooth as possible.

Also, we introduced new integrations and we have to say, our clients’ response has been quite awesome (which is why we are planning some more surprises for you on this subject… but we’re not revealing it just yet!).

Update: new widget integrations just for you!

During the last months we have been extra busy fixing bugs, issues and to rewrite some of the stuff we already have, as we mentioned in our previous post. But we also took some time to improve our Timeneye extension: we recently released an updated version of the Timeneye Widget for Chrome. The new widget now, among other things, supports the new Asana boards. But most importantly…. (*drum roll*) we have just introduced NEW integrations:

Apart from the work on our Widget, we focused on customer experience as well. As we said, we wanted to make sure to make tracking time on Timeneye as smooth as possible. So we thought of helping our clients getting started more easily on the platform, and we asked Arvo to give us a hand: when you sign up to Timeneye for the first time, he will probably drop by to say hello to you!

…and even MORE integrations coming soon!

You asked for it, we listened: we are happy to announce that our first steps for 2017 will include our new native integrations for Basecamp 3 and Asana. So far our integration for Basecamp 3 and Asana have been managed by the Timeneye Widget, but we thought it was time to make a step forward and create a native integration for them as well. We are already working hard for those two integrations and we would like to release the first things first in 2017!

Ah, and we will also release the Timeneye widget for Firefox and Opera, because we love our users and we do not want anybody to feel left out.

The Widget for Firefox has already been tested and submitted, and hopefully it will be available for download in January.

Once again: thanks to all our supporters!

This has been a long and amazing year, and once again we would like to thank you for your love and support. It is still a long way to the go to make Timeneye the perfect time tracking tool, so we can close this year with a lot of satisfaction and ready to tackle bigger tasks in the next year.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, here on our blog and keep an eye on our development roadmap for updates.

Happy Holidays to all of you from the Timeneye team!





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