October 19, 2016

ZEI° and Timeneye – A match made in Heaven

Hello Time-trackers!

Great news for you: time management has just become one step more awesome. Do you remember our friends at Timeular and their ZEI° Kickstarter campaign? Well, we are excited to see that ZEI° has already smashed the campaign goals! It’s time for a huge “congratulations” to all the Timeular team for their great job!

If you don’t know what ZEI° is yet, you definitely need to check it out. And we can assure you that you”ll say “I WANT IT”.




ZEI° is an innovative tool that makes time tracking fun, original and interactive, and we have to say, we at Timeneye loved the idea from the start.

As you can read in the project description, ZEI° is a polygon with a wireless connection to the computer that helps you track time on your projects. Through its software, users can assign a project to each face of the polygon, and immediately start tracking just by flipping the polygon on the project side. To stop the time, just change to another face or turn the device off. Pretty cool, right?


ZEI° and Timeneye: perfect integration

So why should our Time-trackers check this tool out? Well, ZEI° integrates perfectly with several time-tracking tools and, of course, Timeneye is one of them. It is possible to track time effortlessly with ZEIº and automatically synchronize all your projects, tasks and time entries with many integrations including Timeneye.

We happily support this project and we want to congratulate ourselves with the Timeular team: these guys are awesome and we honestly can’t wait to see ZEI° on everyone’s desks!

We suggest you follow ZEI° on Twitter. And also, don’t forget to follow Timeneye on Twitter and Facebook and keep track of our future updates!

You can find the ZEI° Kickstarter campaign here: https://goo.gl/m4NhTc

The campaign is up for a few more days, so let’s all support this awesome project!


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