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The Timeneye App is the easiest, most complete way of tracking time for your projects, without ever leaving your favorite Google Ecosystem tool.

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  Based on 100+ verified reviews on

Based on 100+ verified reviews on

Quick start

When you connect Timeneye to a Google tool of your choice, we sync all your projects automatically.
Time tracking controls will automatically come up right inside the interface, making it easy for the team to track time.

Acccurate time tracking

When you are in a full productivity mode, it is hard to keep track of a project, if you do not know how much time you spend on each task. Thanks to the Timeneye integration, you’ll never miss a minute of work.

Updated reports

All the time you track with our integration is safely stored inside Timeneye. Every time you make a change, Timeneye will sync this update automatically. That means your reports will always show the freshest data.

Google Workspace

Timeneye turns time into productivity insights. Track time in Google Workspace, then, run reports on projects and teams to discover time and costs sinks.

Automatically add your team members from your Google account, and you are ready to track time directly inside your Google Workspace desktop app.

Google Calendar

Timeneye automatically imports your Google Calendar events as suggested time entries, leaving you the chance to add them to your latest activities.

You will never have to track time after a meeting again: just take a break, you deserve it!

Google Docs

Register time directly from the Google Docs you are working on. The Timeneye Browser Widget will add a little Timeneye icon in the document’s menu bar.

Whether you are writing a project report, an essay, your latest blog post, or the next literary masterpiece, track your time and boost your productivity.

Google Sheets

Never miss a minute of your work: add time tracking to Google Sheets.

Thanks to the Timeneye Browser Widget, you will be able to register time while working on your online spreadsheets.


The time you spend answering emails is actual work, and it should be valued. Know exactly how much of your time goes into email – and prepare yourself for a few surprises!

The Timeneye Browser Widget lets you add a time tracking button in your emails inside Gmail.

Trusted by companies in 50+ countries, since 2013

  • Kent U. | Architect

    “Was a pleasant surprise after trying so many similar apps”

    It works both in Windows 10 & Android with very little difference in UI except for project set-up and the automatic save order. Has been surprisingly stable from the beginning in both platforms. Has enough built-in levels to deal with my industry of architecture and phasing of a project.

  • Helmut P. | Head of Account Management

    “Great tool. Brilliant support”

    70 employees in different roles (project management, account management, sales, sw development, testing, etc.) can easily book their times.
    Very intuitive and therefore almost no training for new members (users) needed.

  • Boris K. | Head of Digital Transformation

    “Probably the best simple time tracker currently available”

    I spent couple of months researching and testing different software solutions for simple time tracking with automatic calendar events capturing for our team in Europe and Timeneye turned out to be the best solution we tested. It’s simple, it is not filled with hundreds of useless settings and has exactly what you need very quickly.

  • Wajari V. | SEO Consultant

    “Make decisions based on data”

    I love Timeneye. I use it every day, it allows me to have real control of my time, of my clients. Without data, we cannot make the right decisions for our businesses, and time is our most valuable resource. Useful, practical reports. Incredible

  • Sarah B. | CEO, Marketing & Advertising

    “Great simple time-tracking tool”

    It is easy to use to track my time. It helps get a quick tally of my hours for the month when I invoice clients. I like the simplicity of Timeneye and I trust it. That is essential when my income is based on billable hours.

  • Victor S. | Project Portfolio Manager

    “Best time-tracking service I’ve tried “

    My daily workflow relies on tracking time spent on tasks registered in third-party services (moved from Trello to Wunderlist, and to then Todoist when Wunderlist was killed by MS). Timeneye provides a very convenient integration with all of these services, and it allows clicking a single button to start/stop time for a particular task.

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    Start a fully functional free trial, for 30 days. No obligations, no strings attached. We’ll never charge for the trial, ever;

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    Explore all the features, with your team. Need more than 30 days to do that? Just ask us!

    Simple pricing at $6 per user, per month, all features included. No sneaky charges for additional add-ons, no installation costs;

    Discounts available for yearly subscriptions, and for big teams (100+ users) as well;

    Pay for active users only; the subscription adapts and grows with your team.

    Bring the whole company to Timeneye: 20 or 200 people, import them all from your Microsoft account by clicking a button;

    Have a question? Get stellar support from our team (just read our reviews, clients loves us!);

    Receive customized tips, articles, and much more to bring your company to success!

    1. Test it

    Get a fully-functional free trial, for 14 days and explore all the features with your team.

    2. Buy it

    Simple pricing at $7 per user, per month, all features included. Discounts for long subscriptions and big teams.

    3. Deploy it

    Bring your entire team to Timeneye in just one click.

    Connect Timeneye with your entire tech stack

    Timeneye works with the tools you are already using

    Your time is priceless, take better care of it

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