About us? It’s all about time tracking

If it’s simple and intelligent, time tracking can free up resource for innovation. It can be easy to forget to try new things if you’re constantly working on the day-to-day development of products.

Timeneye was founded in 2013 and developed to stimulate innovation by DM Digital, a software agency focused on simplifying processes with intelligent products. Timeneye was born to help our company to think less about keeping track of time for clients, and more about building amazing new products.

We feel that many companies strongly undervalue well-crafted software and we get constantly frustrated by the price-is-the-only-thing-that-matters mentality we perceive around us. That's why our dreams, hopes and longest hours are invested in our own startup ideas.

Our office in Modena (Italy) is where everything has begun and where everything still has to happen: each day we work to improve our service, bring innovation in time management and help our customers to create better work.