Basecamp 2 Integration
made by Timeneye

Track time for your projects without leaving Basecamp. Comment your to-dos with the time spent on them or use the Timeneye Chrome Extension to start timers and save time entries directly from Basecamp.

Import projects and users

The integration wizard provides a step by step guide to link/import projects and users from your Basecamp account to Timeneye, making the integration process even faster.

Track time for your to-dos

Simply comment a to-do with the time spent on it to generate an automatic time entry on Timeneye. For example, if you comment on a to-do with 2h25, Timeneye will register 2 hours and 25 minutes on the to-do's project and to-do list.

Start timers from Basecamp

With the new Timeneye extension for Chrome it’s now possible to start timers for your to-dos right from Basecamp. Simply click on the icon next to your to-dos to start tracking time for them.