Turn time into insights

Timeneye shows you the value of your time with time reports.

Understand where your business is allocating more time or where it needs to slow down.

Choose from a report, pick your filters, and export your data for analysis and transparency

Understand where your team effort goes

You can’t optimize time if you don’t know where you spend it.

A simple chart will show you how the team’s time is allocated during the projects’ life. 

Timeneye shows you where the project effort has been put, day by day.

See what’s taking most of the time

Analyze where your time is being invested with a breakdown of your activities.

Every minute you track in Timeneye are aggregated in reports and pie charts showing which is taking the biggest share of your time.

Make sure your time is paid

Your time is valuable and it deserves what it’s due: keep track of the billable and billed hours.

Invoice accurately and get paid for every minute of your work, by tracking billed and unbilled work.

Automate reports, save time

Automate your reports to free time for the stuff that really matters.

Save and schedule the reports you run on a regular basis: Timeneye will automatically send them to your inbox.

Your time is priceless, take better care of it

Start managing your time in Timeneye with a 14-day trial.

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