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Mastering Time-Tracking Deployment

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This eBook includes sections for:

Define your company's success criteria

Assemble your pilot team

Set up your ideal workspace 

Start testing the new time-tracking tool

Monitor team's usage and gather feedback

Run your first productivity report

Onboard the rest of the company

Address and fix potential issues

Run a company-wide report and gather insightful data


Why should my team use a time-tracking app?

Different industries might have different reasons to start using time-tracking software and different expectations for the outcomes. But no matter what's your industry or company size, these are the areas of your work that Timeneye will contribute to improving: 

- Increase productivity: time tracking can help your team stay focused and motivated, while streamlining your process and avoiding stressful bottle-neck situations.

- Better project management: Time tracking can help you better understand how much time is spent on different tasks and projects. This information can help you better manage resources and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

- Enhanced billing and invoicing: a time-tracking app can help streamline the invoicing process if you bill clients based on time worked. You can easily generate detailed reports of hours worked for each client and project, making it easier to bill accurately and quickly.

- Insights and analytics: a time-tracking app can provide valuable insights into your team's working patterns and habits. This information can help you identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your team's performance.


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Is this eBook really free?

Absolutely. Just sharing some free tips that we hope you’ll find useful. Keep us in mind next time you are looking for a time-tracking tool!

What are the 3 steps of deploying a time-tracking tool?

Here is an overview of the phased approach we recommend when it comes to deploying a time-tracking app in a large company or enterprise:

1) Start: define your success criteria, assemble your pilot team, and set up your ideal workspace based on your business needs.

2) Experiment: start using the new app with the pilot team, monitor their usage, and gather feedback. Is there anything that needs fixing or improving?

3) Scale: onboard the rest of the company, address and fix potential issues, and finally, run a company-wide report.


What's so good about the eBook?

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Measurable Results

We will walk you through the benefits of time tracking and the expected outcome for your company size. We will help you identify what’s your best business scenario and your success criteria.

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Clear Instructions

You will be guided through the steps to set up your optimal workspace and how to import your real-life projects in Timeneye. We will provide guidance and additional resources on how to test the software successfully in your department.

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Tips & Hacks

We will show you how to onboard a small team of early adopters and then expand your implementation to the company. You will also find precious tips on monitoring the team’s usage and gathering feedback.


What our customers say

  • "70 employees in different roles (project management, account management, sales, sw development, testing, etc.) can easily book their times. Very intuitive and therefore very little training for new members (users) needed."

  • “I spent a couple of months researching and testing different software solutions for simple time tracking with automatic calendar events capturing for our team in Europe, and Timeneye turned out to be the best solution we tested. It's simple; it is not filled with hundreds of useless settings and has exactly what you need very quickly..”

  • “I love Timeneye. I use it every day; it allows me to have real control of my time with my clients. Without data, we cannot make the right decisions for our businesses, and time is our most valuable resource. Useful, practical reports. Incredible”

  • "It works in Windows 10 & Android with very little difference in UI except for project set-up and the automatic save order. Has been surprisingly stable from the beginning on both platforms. Has enough built-in levels to deal with my industry of architecture and phasing of a project."

  • "My daily workflow relies on tracking time spent on tasks registered in third-party services (moved from Trello to Wunderlist, and to then Todoist when Wunderlist was killed by MS). Timeneye provides a very convenient integration with all of these services, and it allows clicking a single button to start/stop time for a particular task."

  • “It is easy to use to track my time. It helps get a quick tally of my monthly hours when I invoice clients. I like the simplicity of Timeneye, and I trust it. That is essential when my income is based on billable hours."