Track time for your to-dos directly from Basecamp 3.
Import and link your Basecamp 3 projects and users, track time using comments and start timers with the Timeneye Widget for Google Chrome.

Timeneye + Basecamp 3 = productivity

The integration we’ve built seamlessly connects your Basecamp 3 account with Timeneye. Link and import your Basecamp 3 projects and users in just a few clicks. Never miss a minute of your work!

Track time for your to-dos

Simply comment your to-dos inside Basecamp 3. Enter the time spent (for example, “2h30”) and Timeneye will retrieve it automatically.

Find your to-dos inside Timeneye

Simply access your tracked Basecamp 3 to-dos directly from Timeneye in just one click. Keep track of your work without having to switch between multiple platforms.