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Why teams prefer Timeneye


Meaningful insights

Analyze where your time has been allocated with a breakdown of your activities and identify areas that need improvement

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Streamline process

Consolidate recurring project paths and set up your ideal workspace to work like a well-oiled machine

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Empower your team

Get real-time data about how many hours your team members are allocating to projects and keep them aligned on shared goals.


The whole company on board, in just a few clicks


Easy to use

We made Timeneye as easy and intuitive as possible to cut training time for managers, and and help the employees speeding up the learning curve.
Once you have started, the whole team will be up and running in just a few minutes!

Plus, you can count on plenty of online resources and personal support.

easy to use
easy to customize

Easy to customize

Timeneye workspace can be customized for any use case - from marketing and sales to engineering.

We offer ready-made templates to get you up and running, but you can constantly personalize your workspace, making it tailor-made and reflecting your company's needs.

Easy to deploy

We know how challenging it could be to adopt new software and make it part of your working routine. 

That's why we made Timeneye as easy and intuitive as possible to cut training time for managers and learning curves for employees. The whole team will be up and running in just a few seconds!

You can start with 20 or 20.000 people: invite them all at once from your Microsoft or Google account just by clicking on a button.

easy to deploy

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A step-by-step roadmap to successfully rollout a time-tracking tool in your company


Track your projects and hit key results


See progress in real time

The simple, calendar-style dashboard allows you to monitor your team’s daily work.

We know that time tracking is a personal matter: you can customize the real-time dashboard to visualize key performance indicators and see where your working hours really go.

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insights you need

Gather actionable insights

Choose one of our report templates, pick your filters, and export your data for analysis and transparency.

Every minute you track in Timeneye is aggregated in easy-to-read tables and pie charts, showing you what is taking most of your time.

Billable vs Non-billable time

Your time is valuable and it deserves what it is due: keep track of billable and non-billable hours.

Invoice accurately and get paid for every minute of your work, by objectively tracking all the time you spent on clients and projects.

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Expenses overview

Track your expenses

Our user-friendly platform enables you to effortlessly track and categorize all your work-related expenses, ranging from travel and accommodation to meals and supplies.

With Timeneye, you have the ability to maintain a comprehensive expense log, incorporate it into your invoice, or provide reimbursement to your employees.

Would you like to see Timeneye in action?

To disclose Timeneye’s full value, we advise you to explore all its features with your team. Tracking time will become second nature sooner than you expect! 

Contact sales

Get the info you are looking for right now

Whether you are curious about features, a free trial, or request a quote - we are ready to answer all your questions.

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Manage roles & permissions

  • Roles & Permissions

  • Hourly Rate & Cost

  • Groups Management


Roles & Permissions

To check the access to features and keep an eye on data, you can set up different levels of permissions and roles for your team members.
This way, you will be able to replicate your company hierarchy structure in the whole Timeneye workspace.


hourly rate&costs

Hourly Rate & Cost

Assign time budgets to each user to quickly provide the maximum expected effort for each employee on a given project.
Once you have access to this kind of data, wouldn’t be easier to give an accurate quote on your next project?

Groups management

Groups Management

In Timeneye, you can organize your team by setting up Groups to mimic your company architecture.
Thanks to our customizable reports, you can have an overview of your team activity and the breakdown of each department and individual user.

Timeneye can be customized for any team size or industry


What our customers say

  • "70 employees in different roles (project management, account management, sales, sw development, testing, etc.) can easily book their times. Very intuitive and therefore very little training for new members (users) needed."

  • “I spent a couple of months researching and testing different software solutions for simple time tracking with automatic calendar events capturing for our team in Europe, and Timeneye turned out to be the best solution we tested. It's simple; it is not filled with hundreds of useless settings and has exactly what you need very quickly..”

  • “I love Timeneye. I use it every day; it allows me to have real control of my time with my clients. Without data, we cannot make the right decisions for our businesses, and time is our most valuable resource. Useful, practical reports. Incredible”

  • "It works in Windows 10 & Android with very little difference in UI except for project set-up and the automatic save order. Has been surprisingly stable from the beginning on both platforms. Has enough built-in levels to deal with my industry of architecture and phasing of a project."

  • "My daily workflow relies on tracking time spent on tasks registered in third-party services (moved from Trello to Wunderlist, and to then Todoist when Wunderlist was killed by MS). Timeneye provides a very convenient integration with all of these services, and it allows clicking a single button to start/stop time for a particular task."

  • “It is easy to use to track my time. It helps get a quick tally of my monthly hours when I invoice clients. I like the simplicity of Timeneye, and I trust it. That is essential when my income is based on billable hours."

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