Timeneye for Consulting agency

Keep your clients happy while improving the profitability of your projects

Accurately bill clients and build a successful, profitable consultancy business
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Why teams connect with Timeneye

Visibility over Team & Projects
100% Online Timesheets
Generate reports, anywhere
Better productivity
Billable time

Keep your clients happy

Easily track billable work by using your team’s time already tracked in Timeneye.

Capture every billable minute worked across your entire team. Easy-to-export data to help you bill with razor-sharp accuracy, and get paid exactly what you deserve — finally!

Identify unpaid work and keep track of progress as it happens.


Track earnings and costs

Keep track of workforce costs and compare them immediately with your earnings.

Different consultants can have their hourly rate to reflect their role and make sure it’s paid accurately

Make sure you keep your service profitable at all times.


Never miss a minute of your work

Track all those activities like meetings, and emails, that slip through the cracks.

Decide what activities you want to bill your clients and what you want to exclude as unbillable time – the decision is up to you.

Send clients transparent, itemized reports of all the work you did and how much you charged for it.

It works wherever you work

100% online & No installation required

Teams scattered all around the world can track time and keep productive with Timeneye. Managers can see the bigger picture whenever they need to.

iOS | Chrome Extension | Android | Firefox Extension | Edge extension

All the data is saved and accessible on the Cloud so everybody can track time regardless his/her location.

Connect Timeneye with your entire tech stack

Timeneye works with the tools you are already using

Your time is priceless, take better care of it

Start managing your time in Timeneye with a 30-day trial.

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