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Get paid to promote Timeneye and help other companies improve productivity and time management. Join our affiliate program and earn a 20% lifetime commission on all your referrals.

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Why you should Join Timeneye's affiliate program

Earn from Commissions

Earn a 20% commission once customers make purchases from your affiliate link (Timeneye monthly or annual plan)

It's a win-win for all

Your audience gets 10% off forever on their Timeneye plans, you earn when they convert, and we grow our userbase!

We grow Together

Join our mission and help more people be more productive and efficient by introducing them to Timeneye

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How does it work?


Join the Program

  • Checkmark Join our program by filling out our form. All you need is an email and a functioning PayPal account
  • Checkmark Review our Terms and conditions
  • Checkmark Have questions on how the program works? Just ask us!


Get the Affiliate Link

  • Checkmark After your application is accepted, you'll access your personal affiliate earning tracking dashboard
  • Checkmark Get a personalized affliate link to use in your promotions
  • Checkmark Receive a press kit with assets, and information to share with your audience


Earn commissions

  • Checkmark Earn your commission when a customer purchases a Timeneye subscription through your link
  • Checkmark Get conveniently and securely paid via PayPal
  • 90-day cookie tracking window

What our customers say

  • "70 employees in different roles (project management, account management, sales, sw development, testing, etc.) can easily book their times. Very intuitive and therefore very little training for new members (users) needed."

  • “I spent a couple of months researching and testing different software solutions for simple time tracking with automatic calendar events capturing for our team in Europe, and Timeneye turned out to be the best solution we tested. It's simple; it is not filled with hundreds of useless settings and has exactly what you need very quickly..”

  • “I love Timeneye. I use it every day; it allows me to have real control of my time with my clients. Without data, we cannot make the right decisions for our businesses, and time is our most valuable resource. Useful, practical reports. Incredible”

  • "It works in Windows 10 & Android with very little difference in UI except for project set-up and the automatic save order. Has been surprisingly stable from the beginning on both platforms. Has enough built-in levels to deal with my industry of architecture and phasing of a project."

  • "My daily workflow relies on tracking time spent on tasks registered in third-party services (moved from Trello to Wunderlist, and to then Todoist when Wunderlist was killed by MS). Timeneye provides a very convenient integration with all of these services, and it allows clicking a single button to start/stop time for a particular task."

  • “It is easy to use to track my time. When I invoice clients, it helps get a quick tally of my monthly hours. I like the simplicity of Timeneye, and I trust it. That is essential when my income is based on billable hours."

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Need clarification?

How much can I earn?

The commissions are recurring, and the Timeneye subscriptions are calculated per user on an annual or monthly basis. So, the exact amount depends on how big the team that signs up through your link is, and how long they stay with us. The bigger the teams, and the longer they stay with us, the more your commissions will soar!

Do I need to be a Timeneye Customer to join your Affiliate program?

While we'd prefer our affiliate partners to already be acquainted with Timeneye, it's not an obligation to be a Timeneye customer in order to join the affiliate program. 

Can I change my mind and leave the program?

Of course! If this is the case, contact us at, we'll make sure to sort everything out before you leave.

How long does the program last?

We offer a lifetime commission so you'll get paid as long as the clients has a paid subscription with us. Send us an email to learn more!

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