Best Time Tracking Tools For Teams In 2022


The intense shift in how work is organized in the last few years has resulted in a need for better, more effective ways to work

Thankfully, technology is evolving and that means there are many tools that can help with that. 

Here’s a list of the best tools to help teams manage their time in 2022. 

Why Do Teams Need To Track Their Time In 2022? 

We’ve all heard the ancient motto that “Time is money”. But that doesn’t just mean counting the hours worked. 

Keeping regularly track of time helps companies analyze productivity, identify time and costs sinks, make better time estimates for future projects, and overall work better. 

And now that the workforce is still working in remote and hybrid settings, organizing work has become even more difficult. Remote teams need tools to keep connected and continue working even if they’re far part. 

A time tracking tool will help teams – remote or otherwise – to hit deadlines, manage their schedule, stick to budgets, not to mention manage payroll and invoices. 

How We Chose These Tools 

Given all the reasons explained above, I’ve set up this list of the best time tracking tools for teams in 2021

In my search, I tried looking for tools that adapt better to the needs of modern work, by covering a series of criteria, such as:

  • Online tools with possibly no installation required, to make it easier to use in a remote setting;
  • Easily scalable for companies as they grow;
  • Usable in a remote/distrubited/hybrid setting;
  • Easy to use;
  • Must support management functions to allow for reporting and analysis from managers;
  • Work with other services in the team’s tech stack; 
  • Accessible pricing. 

With these criteria in mind, here’s a list of the top time tracking tools for teams in 2022. 


Timeneye was born in 2013 as an internal project within a small software agency that was growing with many projects and clients. So it was built for small businesses that have limited time and resources and need to know where they were going. 

Timeneye focuses on project time tracking: every minute tracked will be assigned to the a project, phase, and client. Users can track time by clicking a single button. In addition, Timeneye offers in-depth reporting and monitoring tools to find time sinks and improve everybody’s productivity – investing time in what really matters. 

Managers can also monitor the work by receiving a weekly email recap on what the team has done, and also see what are the latest tasks a user has been working on.

Lots of effort going into that Deerwave project, it seems

The light monitoring functions are more than enough for managers to keep an eye on the work, while not being so invasive it will distract and damage the team. 

The User Cost Calculator also helps monitor the profitability of the project. Timeneye works with several other services thanks to native integrations and a browser extension. Timeneye also offers a highly-rated time tracking app for Microsoft Teams, letting people track time without ever leaving the Microsoft Teams account. 

Price: PRO plan at $7/user/month 

Who is it for: teams of all sizes who need visibility over their time, agencies, software houses, consultants who bill by the hour

Time Doctor 

Time Doctor is a time-tracking and productivity tool for teams that provides data and analytics of where the time goes in the workday. The software offers time tracking, as well as the possibility to monitor computer activity, by taking screenshots while working, monitoring keyboard and mouse activity, and tracking website usage. 

Time Doctor also offers reports that will show you what users are doing and how much time is being spent on tasks, and all the reports can be exported. It integrates with the major PM tools, like Asana, Basecamp, as well as Jira, Salesforce, and many more. 

Price: free for 14-days and charges $9.99/user/month after the trial 

Who is it for: teams working remotely


Toggl is a simple and versatile time tracking tool. It’s beloved by freelancers, and by teams and big companies as well. 

It’s super easy to start tracking: Toggl supports tracking time with just a click of a button, and you can add information on projects and clients too, if you want, but not necessarily. To help with productivity and accuracy, it has features like idle detection, email reminders, and Pomodoro timers. 

One of the most known Toggl features is the Toggl Button, and browser extension that integrates with tons of other services. Toggl also offers mobile and desktop apps to track time on any device, anywhere.

Price: free plan for up to 5 users with limited features, the most popular plan is $9 per user/month

Who is it for: developers, designers, freelancers, teams who need a simple way to track time without any hassle


If you need to pair your time tracking with robust invoicing, Harvest is the tool for you. 

Apart from time tracking, it also offers budget and expenses tracking, and most importantly, the possibility to create and send easily invoices to your clients. 

Admins of a Harvest account can see summaries as well as detailed reports of the users’ time, as well as reviewing and approving their timesheets. Harvest also offers Harvest Forecast, a planning and employee scheduling  (sold separately). 

Price: 12 per user seat, per month, with Forecast at 5 per user per month 

Who is it for: teams who need strong invoicing/expense tracking features


Managing remote teams necessarily means having trouble monitoring the employees’ work. Hubstaff added features such as screenshot taking and stroke counting to monitor a user’s productivity. 

Hubstaff also offers GPS and location tracking: users who are often out of office and work off-site can easily check in the work location, and track time even offline. You can even automatically start and stop tracking when users arrive or leave the site. No more precious work lost while working out of the office! 

In addition to the monitoring features, Hubstaff also offers easy payroll management and expense reporting.

Price: basic plan with limited features is free, while the most comprehensive and popular plan is $10 per user, per month 

Who is it for: teams with multiple employees working on the field, from home, and in office


Beebole is an employee timesheet system for medium companies and teams. Companies can track the time spent by employees and contractors, while also controlling project costs. Beebole offers customizable reporting, and KPI dashboards with an easy drag-and-drop feature to create a KPI tracking system.

This tool works well for international teams, as Beebole supports multiple currencies, and the application is available in 8 languages. 

Price: $6.99 user/month 

Who is it for: international teams with a workforce all around the world, who need to track and meet company goals


The SaaS industry now offers many solutions for companies that want to be more effective with their time and work better. Choosing the right solution may take some time, but it’s time well spent: the positive effects will be seen in the long run. 

And we know all about time well spent! See how Timeneye can help your time management right away.

Cover photo by Aphiwat Chuangchoem from StockSnap

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