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Top 5 Time tracking Tools for Microsoft in 2024


Keeping productive every day and taking the chore of time tracking done quickly? You can do it with these 5 amazing software that integrates directly with Microsoft 365.

While Microsoft 365 offers undeniable benefits, tracking time within the suite can be a daunting task.

This is why we have carefully reviewed these five tools that will not only help you effortlessly track time and projects, but also monitor attendance, meet deadlines, and ultimately enhance productivity.

1) Timeneye

We admit our bias here, but Timeneye is truly the best time tracking option for Microsoft 365 due to its seamless integration and compatibility with multiple Microsoft tools.

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Unlike other time-tracking software, Timeneye is specifically designed to integrate effortlessly with Microsoft 365, making it a convenient choice for users of the suite.

One of the standout features of Timeneye is for sure its integration with Microsoft Teams.

Recently, Timeneye has introduced an integration with Microsoft PowerBI, which allows users to visualize and analyze their time tracking data in PowerBI in a comprehensive and insightful manner.  

Timeneye helps users to keep track of their time more efficiently and meet deadlines. To make it even more convenient, there is an app available on Appsource for Microsoft Teams that brings the time tracking dashboard directly into the application. Additionally, other integrations are available that allow users to add a smart time tracking button to other Microsoft tools.


Timeneye pros: seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Projects, Azure DevOps, Microsoft To Do, Outlook Calendar.

Pricing: $7 per user per month

Key features: time tracking, light project management, task management, expense tracking, smart suggestions from Outlook Calendar events

Best for: agile teams of any size who need a deep connection with the Microsoft Suite

2) Office 365 Timesheet

According to its page on Appsource, Office 365 Timesheet is " an easy-to-use add-in which works with SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online (Office 365). It is a productive way of tracking hours spent by your employees on all tasks under different projects within your SharePoint environment".

Not only does Office 365 Timesheet allow employees to easily track their daily work hours on tasks and projects, but it also provides an intuitive system for managers to review and approve timesheets.


With user-friendly reporting features, managers and administrators can generate and export reports for payroll and invoicing purposes. 

Office 365 timesheet pros: simple and straightforward for timesheet creation

Pricing: free plan available, paid plans starts from $499 per year (unlimited users)

Key features: timesheet approval, timesheet submission and modification, reporting,  Email notifications on submission and approval/rejection of timesheets

Best for: managers and administrators who need to speed up the timesheet approval process

3) Jibble

Jibble provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, directly within its chat interface. Once the Jibble bot is connected with MS Teams, users can simply type "in" to clock in and start their day. This method offers a straightforward and efficient way to track time and get started on tasks.


Additionally, Jibble offers reporting and monitoring dashboards, along with customizable notifications. Users can receive updates on their daily entries, tracked hours, and even payroll hours, all conveniently sent within MS Teams.

Jibble pros: simple time tracking easily available for Microsoft Teams

Pricing: generous free plan for unlimited users, paid plans for additional features starting at $2

Key features: Time and attendance tracking,  IN or OUT commands, GPS tracking,

Best for: SMEs and enterprises across multiple industries who need to track attendance

4) Timeclock 365

Timeclock 365 is the solution for effortlessly tracking attendance and monitoring employees in distributed teams.

With its mobile apps and Microsoft Teams integration, Timeclock offers a simple punch in/punch out experience. Remote workers can easily clock in at the start of their workday and even request time off. Meanwhile, managers have full visibility into who is actively working on any given day. Timeclock 365 is the perfect tool to simplify attendance tracking and keep your team connected and productive, wherever they are.

Timeclock also offers advanced employee monitoring tools if necessary, like GPS location trackers and Biometric Time Clocks. 

Timeclock 365 pros: the simplest way to take and monitor attendance

Pricing: N/A

Key features: punch in/punch out, integrations with Microsoft teams and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Best for: remote teams


The Timeghost team specializes in developing apps for the Microsoft 365 suite: Timeghost time tracking is one of them. Timeghost allows you to simply log in with a Microsoft 365 account (no extra registration needed) to access its time tracking functionalities. It allows users to track project times directly in Microsoft Teams, and like Timeneye, it offers intelligent suggestions from your Outlook events, Teams calls, Planner tasks.

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Users have the flexibility to track time either by using a timer or by manually entering their time, and they can easily associate the tracked time with specific projects or clients.

Timeghost pros: simplicity and ease of use with virtually little to no training required

Pricing: N/A

Key features: multiple languages supported, timers and manual mode, smart suggestions from Calendar events, reminders, integration with Microsoft teams

Best for: project managers who need to monitor the progression of the work, from tasks to billable hours

Why you should track time (benefits for MS Users)

  • Having crucial visibility over workload and project timelines;
  • Access to data and insights can help with productivity analysis, leading to faster timesheet completion;
  • By reducing time spent on administrative tasks, more time can be allocated to valuable work;
  • Visibility over the team's performance can help identify areas of improvement and reduce time wasted on unproductive activities such as meetings;
  • Increased transparency and accountability;
  • Accurate time tracking can help with better time estimates for future projects.

Why you should start with Timeneye time tracking

While all these 5 software have their pros and cons, Timeneye is the best and most complete time tracking solution for Microsoft. While integrating seamlessly with the Microsoft Suite, , it also provides advanced reporting, while at the same time respecting the employee's privacy and avoiding intrusive monitoring.

Whether you use Timeneye or any other software on this list, you'll be in good hands.

If you want to integrate Timeneye with your Microsoft Suite, start here.



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