Top 6 Wunderlist Alternatives For Your To-Dos


With Wunderlist being officially discontinued on May 6th, 2020, users are looking for alternative to-do list apps to keep track of their tasks.

So without further ado, here’s a list of Wunderlist alternatives for your to-dos.

This list will include a link to the website, main features, and pricing. Maybe you’ll find your next to-do list app here!

Best Wunderlist Alternatives for 2020

To compile this list of Wunderlist alternatives, we have followed these criteria:

  • Ease of use;
  • Accessible pricing;
  • Usable for both personal and company settings;
  • Must have to-do/task management as the main feature (obviously).

#1 Microsoft To Do

The direct heir to Wunderlist, since Microsoft acquired Wuderlist and merged the tool in their new to-do list app, Microsoft To Do is an easy-to-use tool to keep your tasks in one place.

The UI also will remind you of Wunderlist, and it’s in general very clean and easy to understand. Microsoft To Do also syncs with other Microsoft products like Outlook.

You can create to-dos for pretty much everything (work and personal life) and schedule them so you’ll stay organized during the day.

Key features:

  • Tasks, subtasks and to-do lists;
  • Web app, iOS and Android app;
  • Dark theme;
  • Shared lists;
  • Planning features.

Pricing: free

And now, you can also track time for your Microsoft To Do tasks thanks to the Timeneye Browser Widget

#2 Asana

Although Asana isn’t by definition a to-do list tool, but rather a project management tool, it’s heavily based on tasks so I think it fits well in the list.

Asana is a big player in the project management world. This tool allows teams to clearly manage and assign tasks associated with a project.

In Asana, you can create tasks for a project, and organize them under sections. Every task can be assigned to someone – which makes it perfect to manage tasks in a team setting.  For better collaboration within the team, it’s possible to add comments to every task. Asana has a beautiful, clean interface that’s easy and simple to use.

Key features:

  • Attaching files to tasks;
  • List view, Kanban view, or Calendar view 
  • Task due dates;
  • Creating tasks from an email with the Asana Gmail Widget

Pricing: free for teams up to 5 with limited features, premium plans from $10.99/user/month

Track time for your Asana Tasks with the seamless Timeneye integration with Asana

#3 Todoist

Another well-renown app in the productivity/ to-do list/planning field, Todoist is surely one of the cleanest, simpler solutions for keeping up with daily tasks.

Its interface is intuitive and clean so you’ll focus on getting things done, and that’s it. All the tasks are organized in your task Inbox. You can see not only the tasks due today, but there’s also a “Next 7 days view” that will help you plan in advance and see your upcoming to-dos.

Todoist is flexible and it can be used both for personal and for work stuff.

What I like about Todoist is how they brought gamification in the app, with the Karma points you earn every time you cross a task off your list. Getting things done is good for your brain – so why not make it fun?

Key features:

  • Priority flag to assign to tasks;
  • Task labels (they’re basically tags);
  • Dark mode;
  • Browser extension to quickly add tasks and keep them at hand.

Pricing: free basic plan with limited features, personal use plan from $3/moth, Business plans from $5/user/month

Track time for your to-dos with the Timeneye Integration with Todoist

#4 Taskade

Relatively a newcomer compared to the other tools, Taskade has grown from a simple browser extension to a beautifully visual task management tool for small teams.

Taskade presents itself as a workspace for remote teams, and as such, they have added lots of interesting features designed for remote teams, like collaboration tools and even a video conferencing feature.

That doesn’t mean Taskade cannot be used for personal tasks – it’s flexible enough for both everyday life and work.

The tasks are organized in workspaces, which makes it easier for small teams to collaborate and build roadmaps.

Key features:

  • List, Kanban, and action views;
  • Lots of templates to get you started;
  • Weekly plan view;
  • Visual, colorful interface.

Pricing: free plan limited to 3 projects, paid plan from $5/user/month

#5 Google Tasks

Google Tasks gets overshadowed by the other task management apps, but it’s a simple yet great tool to keep track of to-dos. Users are drawn to its effective and minimalistic approach to creating simple to-do lists with due dates.

Surely the biggest pro of Google Task is that, being a Google product, it has been integrated into all the G-Suite products, like Google Calendar, Gmail, and so on.

Key features:

  • Viewing tasks in Google Calendar;
  • Adding Email as a task (Gmail integration)
  • Desktop app as well as a web app and mobile apps

Pricing: free

#6 Zenkit To Do

One of the most recent to-do list apps to come out, Zenkit To Do is an app for iOS and Android. It’s part of the Zenkit suite, which includes Zenkit Base, a flexible online project management tool, and Zenkit To Do. As the name suggests, Zenkit To Do is solely for managing tasks.

The best thing about this app is that it’s extremely simple and clean. It allows to create tasks, set due dates, and has a special “Today” view so you can focus on the tasks in front of you.

Key features:

  • Simple task management;
  • Due dates and reminders;
  • Can be used both alone or with a team.

Pricing: free

Do you know any other great Wunderlist alternatives? Let us know in the comments!

Updated after publication. Last updated on May 2020.

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