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NEW! Hourly Rates For Users, And An Improved Project View


Those who bill by the hour know painfully well how important it is that every minute of work is appropriately valued – and paid.

Today we’re happy to introduce a few new features that will help our users manage their billable time: hourly rates for users (PRO feature) and an improved Project Status view. Let’s dive in!

New PRO feature: setting different hourly rates for users

Until today, when users created a billable project, it was only possible to set an hourly rate for the whole project.

This was not enough for many of our users, who worked in consultancy firms or agencies where the work of every person needed to be calculated according to their individual hourly rates.

The new Hourly rates for users are available on the PRO plan will allow setting up a different rate for every team member assigned to the project.

How to set up an hourly rate for team members

First of all, make sure that the project is a Billable project. You can set project as billable when checking the “is billed per hour” option:

To set the hourly rate for team members, access the Edit mode of the project:

In the Team members tab, look for the Hourly rate column:

When you’ve set all the rate, click Save. That’s it!

Note: at the moment it’s not possible to set the hourly rates for users when creating a project, but only from the Edit mode. So if you need to create a new project that has different hourly rates for users, just mark the project as “billed by the hour”, and add the rates afterward from the Edit mode.

The possibility to add the hourly rates directly when creating the project is next on our roadmap. Stay tuned!

Business user? Unlock the hourly rates by switching to the PRO plan.

Project Status: See The Total Amounts and Hour Progression

With this update, we also added some improvements to the Project Status page, for all our users to see.

Billable Totals

If the project is billed by the hour, Timeneye will calculate the total amount according to the rate and the total time.

Click on any of the boxes to see the detailed list of time entries

The same amount is visible in the Phases box. You’ll clearly see how much revenue each phase of the project is bringing:

Those amounts will also help you keep track of how much you have already billed to the client, and how much you still need to bill. Every minute of your work should be paid what it deserves!

A new Progression graph

We added a new Progression graph right next to the Effort graph that we already had.

While the Effort graph is useful to identify peaks and falls in the amount of work tracked for the project, the Progression graph shows the growth of the total hours tracked during life of the project.

If the project has a budget, the progression graph will show a Budget line towards which the hours are increasing. Careful not go above that line!

What do you think of this update? Make sure to let us know in the comments!


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