Commuting To Work? Here’s How To Make The Most of Your Time


How much time do you spend stuck in traffic every morning? Or waiting for your train? Commuting, for many people a “necessary evil” has become a part of a worker’s daily life. Whether by car, train, bus, or else the long hours spent going back and forth to work seem like wasted.

But the time spent going to work doesn’t necessarily have to be lost. There are many ways in which you can kick off a productive day -starting with your commuting time.

Daily commuting productivity

It is estimated that the average US commuter spends 42 hours a year sitting in traffic. Meanwhile, in the UK commuting time has risen constantly in the last decade. The hike in housing prices has resulted in the rise of the “extreme commuter”: a person who spends up to 3 hours daily to just go to work.

As a commuter myself, I go to work at Timeneye with a short bus+train ride.  For my productivity routine, it is essential to start off the day in the best way. That is why I realized that there are a lot of things you can do while commuting to work, depending on the means of transportation.

Of course, the activities vary according to a) the length of the journey and b) your general disposition to getting things done while traveling. But if you wish to make better use of all the time spent commuting to work, here are a few suggestions.

By train

I personally take the train every day to go to work. Most of my ride is spent reading: firstly, I take a look at the emails so when I get in the office I know what to expect. Then I move on to whatever book I can fit in my bag.

Reading is the best activity you can do on the train: whether it is a book, a magazine, or the newspaper, reading is relaxing and keeps your mind active and curious.

By bus

Although usually a bit slow compared to other transportation, the bus can help you cut costs and is more environment-friendly.

I personally cannot read on the bus as I get car sick. If you have the same problem, another activity you can do while riding the bus is listening: to music, to the radio news, or to a podcast on a subject you are passionate about.

Music can help improve your mood, the radio keeps you in touch with the news and a podcast is a way of learning new things and staying in touch with the most recent trends. Just make sure you don’t miss your stop!

By bike

Can cycling to work improve productivity? Yes, it does! Cycling can make you more productive, a topic we covered right here on our blog. It keeps you healthy and active, and helps you avoid traffic while saving time and money, which is always great. It has also been proven to boost concentration and mental alertness. 

By car

When going to work by car, your first and foremost concern must be to drive safely and carefully. So NO texting, NO emails, and phone call only when on speakers.

So how can we get the tedious car ride into “productive mode”?

For example, try carpooling! Riding with a colleague helps you cut costs and share expenses, while having a little company can make the ride less stressful. But cursing and yelling at other drivers could be embarrassing, so behave!

But the most important thing you can do during your commuting time is: enjoy it. Find the best way to turn your ride to work into a stress-free, enjoyable experience. This way, you will approach the tasks of the day with a big energy and motivation boost!

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