January 28, 2021

How To Export Data From Timeneye

Welcome back to our “How to Timeneye” series, where we unravel all the best tips and tricks on how to use Timeneye in your daily work. 

Today we cover a topic that our users often ask about: how do you export data from Timeneye

Are you having a project update meeting with a client and want to share the progress of the work? Do you need to send the team’s timesheets to HR? Are you about to invoice your client and want to attach an itemized list of all the tasks you have done? Do you have an audit coming up and want to share the time data with your team? 

All these activities will require you to extract some type of data from Timeneye. 

You can do it from several sections in Timeneye, by using the export feature. 

#1 Exporting A Report 

Whether you’re running a report on projects, team members, clients or even a tag or billable report, you can export it to PDF or CSV in a few simple steps. 

First, run any report from the report section. Choose any type of report. 

When you’re on the screen of the finished report, look for the export button on the top right. 

Click the button and select either the PDF or CSV option. 

The PDF prints the view with the totals, the charts, and the graphs, along with the filters you have decided on earlier for the report. 

The CSV, on the other end, is in a compressed folder with the data for each section of the report. 

The CSV files can be opened with programs like Excel or uploaded to other software. 

#2 Exporting Timesheets 

Do you need a file of your or another user’s worked time? Go to the Entries section of the workspace. 

The Entries section is a small but powerful section in Timeneye, where you can filter, edit, and change the billable status of your entries. 

Here, a user can export the detailed list of the time they have tracked within a period of time. 

The “Show filters” button will open all the options to sort out the entries on the left. 

Select the timeframe you need. There are some preset options available like “Last month”, or “This month”, or a custom timeframe as well. 

Then, on the bottom left, select the Export button and export the data to PDF. 

The file will look like this:

#3 Exporting Itemized Lists Of Activities

Let’s say your clients require a detailed list of the projects and the activities they’ll get invoiced for.  

You can export this data from the Entries section. 

Instead of only using the timeframe filter, this time you can add a project, phase, or user filter

Then, export the data using the export button at the bottom left. 

Some people do not want to show clients some of the details from the file. In this case, we always recommend downloading the CSV file, then removing columns from there, and use the rest of the data to craft the final report. 

Even if it’s not a requirement, attaching such a file to your invoices will help build transparency and trust with your clients.

#4 Exporting A Backup Of The Whole Workspace 

Do you need a quick way to export all the data ever tracked on the workspace? 

In the Workspace settings section, there’s an Export&Delete tab. Click on the export button and it will generate a CSV file with all the time ever tracked in the workspace. 

Bonus Tips: Scheduling And Automation Options

Do you have a lot of reporting to do, but little time to do it? You can use the automation options in Timeneye to schedule reports and have them automatically delivered to your email

Exporting a report: 

First, run the report and use the star button to save it as a favorite

Once it’s saved as a favorite, you’ll see the icon change: click on the clock icon to create your automation. 

Then, you simply have to tell Timeneye when you want to receive the report. 

That’s it! The report will be conveniently delivered to your email

Scheduling an automation of the Entries export 

You can also schedule entry exports. This time, select the filter and parameters you need in the entry export. 

Then click the little automation clock icon. 

And you’ll be able to set the frequency of the exports. 

I hope this will help you in your daily reporting tasks! 

Head to your Timeneye account to give these features a try! 

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