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Shining the Light On The Team: Sharing and Excelling


The business you build up can often feel like your baby. You naturally want to take pride in it and enjoy the limelight that it brings you, whatever that may look like.

More often than not, though, your business’s accomplishments don’t belong solely to you.

They belong to your employees, your business partners, and sometimes even your industry peers, as well.

When you reach a goal – be it completing a difficult partnership, making a certain amount of money, anything – it can be tempting to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work.

You should, of course!

But you should also take time to shine light onto the other people who helped see the goal in question accomplished. The benefits of sharing the rewards of a job well done are many, and they can encourage growth and improvement for the whole of your business.

Improve Office Morale

Sharing the glory of a job well done is guaranteed to keep your workplace a lively one.

This doesn’t mean you have to worry about your employees getting distracted from their responsibilities. Instead, when you give a reasonable amount of attention to a team that’s recently done well, you acknowledge their positive contributions to your business and make them feel essential to your overall structure.

This feeling is key to ensuring the morale around your office remains high.

In sharing the success of your business’s project with your office, you not only prevent project-delaying fights between employees, but you foster an environment of equality that sees everyone involved driven towards repeating that success.

Promote Timeliness and Flexibility

In encouraging your employees to perform at the best of their ability and sharing in their success, you also ensure that they’ll continue to try and strive for that success.

How so?

Say you assign a team of four to see a partnership through from beginning to end. When that partnership concludes, the client in question not only asks to become a regular, but they compliment the team that they worked with.

In sharing that success with the office at large and rewarding the team in question with praise, you note a specific pattern of behavior and result that others in your workspace should aim for.

The team, too, gets acknowledgment for their work and encouragement to reach such stellar results again.

Most employees, then, will strive to schedule their work hours more effectively, perhaps through the use of a time tracking tool, in order to achieve a similarly lauded outcome.

employees around a laptop

Boost Confidence in Your Peer Network

That’s not to say that you should only laud the employees who’ve contributed to the success of a project with praise.

When you reach out to work with a peer in your industry or outside of it, you should use your business’s platform to support its goals and increase its business.

This kind of B2B support does more than affirm your position as a friendly and humble CEO. It encourages more of your industry's peers to consider partnering with you or recommending your services to their own clients in the future.

You have the opportunity, then, to secure ongoing partnerships with your professional network when you share the glory of an industry accomplishment.

Find Greater Business Success

A humble approach to your business operations fosters a reputation for your company. When your peers, clients, and employees know that you won’t covet a project’s success, they’ll be more likely to spread the word about the work you do in a positive light.

That word-of-mouth marketing can see your consumer audience grow and your reputation gains greater authority.

Do what you can to remember that while your business is your baby, its accomplishments belong to a collective.

Celebrate those accomplishments with the people who promote them. You’ll get benefits that range from emotional to economical when you bring additional contributors under the umbrella of your success.

Cover photo by Guille Álvarez on Unsplash

Photo by Csaba Balazs on Unsplash

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