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New Reports Available On Beta


We’re happy to announce that after a lot of coding and redesigning, we’ve got some brand new reports available on Beta.

We’ve completely rewritten our old reports from scratch to provide you with truly useful data, and we’ve also added some new report types that we think you’ll love!

How to access the Beta

If you’re already using Timeneye, you can log in with your current Timeneye credentials at 

A few notes before you start:

  • The Beta and share a common database so everything you do on will appear on and vice-versa.
  • Since we’re still working on the reports to fix some issues here and there and make more improvements, the Beta might experience a few hiccups and get updated from time to time. Sorry about this, please bear with us while we work and make sure to report any issue you came across.

What’s new:

  1. A brand new Reports section;
  2. Improved old reports and new added;
  3. “Save as favorite” feature (for Business plan users);

New and improved reporting

You can access the Reports section of the account from the Menu on the left.

Firstly, we’ve worked to improve the visuals to make our reports more accurate and easier to read.

We wanted to give our users solid reporting features and with all the data they need to analyze their work. This is why we also added some new report types and added new data and sections to the old ones.

Types of reports available:

Project report: run this report on one or more projects within a selected timeframe.

Members report (formerly “users”): run this report on one or more users within a selected time frame. If you’re a solo user, you’ll see this as the “Me” (personal) report.

🆕Groups: for Business plan users only. If you have divided your users into groups, this report will show you the time they’ve tracked, and on which projects.

🆕Phase categories report: check the time spent on your phase categories across projects.

Clients report: run this report on one or more clients within a selected timeframe.

🆕Billable hours report: check the progression of your billable/billed hours in a timeframe.

🆕Custom report: don’t like any of the pre-made reports? Try the custom report! Any filter, any timeframe, you can customize your research as much as you want.

Note: we’ve recently retired our old Activity report because it was basically a double of the Entries dialog. Don’t worry, it’s still in Timeneye: simply click directly on the entries icon on top, right next to the Register time button. So you’ll have everything in one place!

All the reports, as always, can be exported to CSV format. Some reports (Client report, Phase categories report) may not be accessible to you depending on the level of permission of your user on certain clients or phases.

How to save a report as Favorite

This is a new feature that we hope will save project managers a lot of time! It’s now possible to save a report as favorite to keep it at hand at any times, by clicking on the little star icon:

It’s currently available for our users on the Business plan (want to get access to the feature? Here’s how to upgrade your account!).

Coming soon: exporting reports to PDF, colors toggling

Feedback needed!

We’d really love to hear what you think about the new reports before we make them available for everyone in the next few days, so make sure to give them a try and send us your feedback at

Happy tracking!

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