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October Updates: Time-Saving Shortcuts, A Public Roadmap, And More!


With October already ending (do you have your Halloween costumes ready?) we’re happy to introduce you to our newest updates.

Featuring: a shortcut to Reports in the Entries section, the log in with Google accounts, and a new roadmap when you can vote your favorite features.

#1 NEW! Easily Run Reports From The Entries Section

The Entries section is the tiniest yet more versatile section in Timeneye.

Here is where you manage your time tracking data.

From here you can see all the time entries tracked that you usually see on the dashboard.

From here you can already:

  • Edit entries;
  • Filter them by project, phase, timeframe, team members;
  • Export the list of entries;
  • Mark entries as billable/billed.

Now, you’ll find a brand new option in the Export button. This will allow you to run a report directly from there.

You can run a report based on the filters you have selected. What you’ll get is a Custom report with the pie charts and the breakdown of the hours, instead of a simple entry list.

#2 NEW! Sign Up And Log In With Google

We’re making it easier to access Timeneye!

You can now sign up to Timeneye and log in using your Google account.

This is a new addition, alongside the log in with Microsoft that we introduced during the summer.

#3 Quickly Create Clients With Your Projects

In Timeneye, you can create clients and assign them to your projects.

Usually, you start with creating clients before, and then you add them to projects.

Now, there’s a shortcut to create a new client while you create the project:

#4 Our New Public Roadmap

Did you like these latest updates?

We value our user’s feedback, and since day one we’ve received lots of requests and suggestions.

We want to make you, our users even more involved in the process and build the stuff you really want.

This is why we have a new product roadmap 👉 at this link.

Not only can you see our live roadmap, but you can also suggest new features, and vote for the features you want to see next. The features that get more votes are considered for production!

A few rules for using the board:

  • Before adding a new item, make sure it’s not present already. Requests for the same feature will be merged together or archived;
  • Keep the language civil and respectful, and provide constructive feedback (offensive or aggressive comments/posts will be moderated);
  • Add some details in the description section;
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee that all the requests will be planned, but we’ll do our best nonetheless 🙂

Thanks and keep an eye on this blog because we have a lot coming up in November! 😎

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