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NEW! Track and Manage your Daily Tasks in Timeneye


Stay on top of your work like never before with the new Task management feature in Timeneye!

In Timeneye you can keep already track of time, projects, clients, labor costs, and meetings.

With the new Task management feature, users can now effortlessly manage their daily tasks in Timeneye while accurately tracking the time spent on each task. 

See for yourself: try the new Task management feature today!

And the most exciting aspect is that it seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Planner, allowing you to effortlessly import your Planner tasks directly into Timeneye.

Activate the Task management in one click

  1. Go into any project in your workspace;

  2. Click the Edit button;

  3. In the Project info tab, find the Task management switch and turn it on.

    timeneye task management feature

Once activated, you will find the brand new Task tab on the Project page, allowing you to easily view and manage all the tasks related to your project.

Easily create your Tasks

Click the "Create new task" button, and start filling your list or board.

add task to timeneye

By default, the Kanban board has 5 standard columns - which you can edit at any time. You can even visualize your tasks in a list mode if you prefer.

Track priorities, due dates, and status 

By clicking on the individual task, you can add more details like a start and a due date, a priority, and its status.

Need to edit any of this information? No problem! Just click on the task to open its details again

Also: assign the task to users so they'll always know what they're working on.

Tracking time for your daily tasks

Once your tasks are well-organized, it's time to start tracking the time spent on each one.

In the Register time dialog, after selecting the project and the phase, there will be an option to select a task, as well.

register time for tasks

Otherwise, in the Tasks Kanban board, users can click on the task itself.

track time for tasks

Seamlessly sync Microsoft Planner Tasks and Timeneye

This feature is fully integrated with Office 365 products, so you can sync and import their tasks from Microsoft Planner in Timeneye.



Productivity awaits 🚀

Try the new Task management feature and keep your work on track like never before



We value your feedback and suggestions, so don't hesitate to share them with us. Stay updated with our roadmap for exciting news in the future.

If you happened to come across this post and are curious to learn more about Timeneye, task management is just a fraction of what we do! Check our website to know why we're the easiest, smartest time and productivity software out there.

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