May 17, 2022

The NEW and Improved Timeneye Browser Widget is Here!

The Timeneye Browser Widget just got a makeover – and many improvements to the Widget integrations to go along with its new design.

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The services supported by this update are Asana, Basecamp 3, Microsoft Planner, Jira. But don’t worry, we have more coming soon!

You can download the Timeneye Widget for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

New Browser Widget Design

Well, hello there, Timeneye icon in Microsoft Planner!

We decided to give our old Browser Widget a little design refresh, to make it easier to use, more modern-looking, and better embedded in the tools it integrates with. Now, the Widget shows up next to tasks with a Timeneye icon instead of the old anonymous little clock. Click on the icon to track the time for that task or to-do.

How the widget looks like in Asana

We also refreshed the buttons for active and paused timers, to make them more evident and easier to click:

Active timer: green
Paused timer: orange

NEW: Know How Much Time Was Spent One The Project

Need to know at a glance how much time you tracked for a project, without having to log in to the Timeneye web app? Now you see this information thanks to the Browser Widget. Just look next to the project’s name and you’ll see the total time tracked for that project.

New: Monitor Budgets and Billable Hours

Just like with the total time, you can now see the hourly budget progression, next to the project’s name. The same goes for the indication of whether the project is billed by the hours or not.

New: See Who’s Tracked What at a Glance

We’ve talked about totals, but what if you need to know how much time each person has worked on each task?

Click on the task/to-do/card to expand it, and you’ll see the list of all the time tracked by each person, right there in the small Timeneye panel:

New Feature: Quickly Link Projects

If you have a brand new project that hasn’t been liked with Timeneye yet, you’ll see a shortcut to do it next to the Project name:

Linking projects is useful because it syncs your project with the Timeneye ones, so if you make an edit to the project’s name, for example in Asana, the project is edited in Timeneye automatically, and you don’t have to edit anything manually.

Make sure to give the new widget a try, and let us know what you think!


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