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NEW! Timeneye + Taskade Integration: Track Time For Your Taskade Tasks


We’re happy to announce that we’ve rolled out a new integration: you can now track time inside Taskade!

The new integration joins all the other browser widget integrations that we offer, and we hope it’ll have our users be even more productive!

Track time for your Daily tasks in Taskade

This integration with Taskade is provided by the Timeneye Browser Widget.

Download and install the Timeneye Browser Widget for Chrome and Firefox

Taskade is a visual, virtual workspace that offers task management, visual mapping, and even video calls for remote teams. And now, you can add time tracking to the mix and know exactly how much time you spend on each task.

How to track time for tasks in Taskade

Once you have installed the Timeneye Widget, make sure to log in to your Timeneye workspace.

Then head to your Taskade account.

The Timeneye Widget adds a small Register time button next to your tasks.

Click on the button to register time. 

Now you can select your project, phase, and decide whether to start a timer or save your time entry directly. That’s it!

Since the Widget doesn’t import your Taskade projects, you’ll have to replicate the project in Timeneye manually so that you can select them from the dropdown menus.

(You can try to speed up the process by linking Taskade and Timeneye with our Zapier integration)

How to track time for Subtasks in Taskade

The Timeneye Widget also supports tracking time for Taskade Subtasks.

Simply create a subtask, and you’ll see the Widget appear there,too. Click on the button, as usual, to track time.

Finding your Taskade time in Timeneye

All the time you track with the integration is stored inside the workspace.

The entries you create are clearly recognizable on the calendar dashboard by the Taskade logo and the name of the task.

(Need to do a search for a specific Taskade entry? Use the Entries list to search your time by integration)

Cheers to more productivity! What integration would you like to see next?

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