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Timeneye Time-Saving Hacks: All About Bulk Actions


Tracking time shouldn’t waste your time.

This is why we have filled Timeneye and our time tracking features with many bulk actions that will definitely save you a lot of manual work.

From mass editing projects to billable time management to moving entries across projects and phases, here are all the bulk features of Timeneye.

#1 Bulk Editing Projects

How to add phases to multiple projects

Let’s say you have more than 100 projects, and you need to add the same phase to all of them at once. If you did that manually for each project, you’d never finish!

Thankfully, you can do it with the Bulk edit option of the projects section:

1) Go in the Projects section;

2) In the Projects section, switch to the list view instead of the card view (the switch is on the top right);

timeneye project list

3) Start selecting the projects;

4) On the top, click the yellow Bulk edit button;

5) In the bulk edit dialog, enter the phase(s) you want to add, then click then save.

timeneye bulk edit phases

How to add people to multiple projects

Similar to adding phases, the bulk edit feature lets you add multiple people to one or more projects.

Do you have new hires working on your projects? Did you reorganize your team?

Well, with the bulk edit option, that you access with the same steps as described above, you can add the users to multiple projects:

#2 Bulk Editing Time Entries

This is a big one, and it’s the feature that our users report needing the most, especially when dealing with billable entries. This time we switch to the Entries section of the workspace:

timeneye time entries

We have a detailed blog post about all the many features in the Entries section available here.

Now, let’s see the bulk actions as well.

How to set multiple entries as Billed in Timeneye

This is how to mark multiple entries as billed in Timeneye:

1) Go in the Entries section of the workspace;

2) Click the Show filters button on the top right;

timeneye time entry

3) Then select the entries of your specific project. Start selecting the billable entries using the checkboxes, and you’ll see the section on the left turn light blue;

4) In the section on the left, select the option “Billed flag” and click Set as billed.

timeneye billed entries

Done! When you update the entries, their billable status will change.

How to set multiple entries as Not Billable in Timeneye

We recently added the possibility of having non-billable activities in a billable project. Sometimes, you may not want to charge an hourly amount to your clients for all the activities you do (as we explained in this article about balancing billable and not billable work).

You can follow the same procedure for editing the billable entries that we described above. Only this time, instead of selecting “Set as billed”, you’ll select “Set as not billable“:

timeneye not billable entries

How to move multiple entries to another project or phase

A mistake that commonly happens: you accidentally tracked time in the wrong phase. Or, you tracked the time in the wrong phase AND project! 🤦🤦

Don’t panic. In the Entries section, start selecting your entries, then go back to the light blue section on the left:

timeneye bulk edits

Select the project, and then the phase you want to move the entries to. Then, update the entries.

Done! Problem fixed, nobody will ever know. 🤫

A couple of things to keep in mind when you move entries:

  • You have to first select the project, then you’ll be able to select the phase;
  • You can only move entries to a project you’ve been added to;
  • There’s no quick “undo” button, so make sure you select the right project this time!
    (To undo the action, you’ll have to do the same thing all over again)

Now, enjoy all that time saved!

We hope that these features will make time tracking less cumbersome and free some time in your day. Make sure to let everybody in your team know about these features, and log in to your Timeneye workspace to give them a try.

Happy tracking!

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