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New Update! Some Cool Things We Added To The Dashboard (And More)


Hello Timeneye users!

Today we present you a big update we’ve been working on for a while… with many features that some of you have asked about.

This update includes:

  1. a new user switch for managers on the dashboard;
  2. a better organized main menu;
  3. a brand new card view in the Projects section;
  4. non-billable entries within a billable project;
  5. a cost and hourly rate set for each team member.

Let’s dive in!

A little context before we begin.

The Timeneye team went remote recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many users learned that our offices are based in Italy and wrote us to make sure we were OK.

We’d like to thank our users for their support and reassure everybody that all the Timeneye team members are safe and healthy. And as you’ll see from this update, we’ve been working hard!

#1 A better way for managers to see the team’s time

As we reorganized our workflow out of the office, we realized that it was really hard for our team leaders to understand what the team was up to on a daily basis.

We used the reports and recap charts in Timeneye to keep track of the work, but we felt that we – and our users – needed a quicker, more visual approach.

Admins and Owners can now switch the calendar to see other users’ dashboards.

They can do so from the User switch on the dashboard, next to the month name on the calendar.

By switching the dashboards, it will be possible to clearly and quickly see how the team members’ week has gone.

A yellow warning message reminds you when you’re visualizing someone else’s calendar.

This data was actually already available before the update, in the Entries section of the workspace; being organized in a list-type view, though, with filters needed to arrange the data, didn’t make it too quick to use.

Please note that the user switch allows to only visualize the user’s time. Managers cannot edit entries directly from another user’s dashboard. To edit an entry, you still need to access the Entries list.

And just like in the Entries list, active and pending timers are not shown.

#2 A simpler, clearer menu

We also made a few tweaks to the main menu on the right. We wanted users to clearly see the sections that mattered most, and separate the core Timeneye sections from the management-related ones.

We haven’t changed or removed any sections, so you should still find your way around easily.

#3 New Card view for the Projects section

We also added a new way to visualize your projects in the Projects section: if you click on the switch on the right, you’ll see the brand-new card view mode.

Switch easily from list to cards

Every card sums up the main details of the project, like the name, the budget, the billable amounts, and so on. We haven’t removed the old list-style view, so feel free to switch between the two modes as you wish. Use whatever works best for you.

#4 Not billable entries in billable projects

But we didn’t work only on the UI this time!

We also added a feature that our users have requested for a long time: the possibility to have not billable entries in a billable project.

Usually, when a project is billed by the hour, all the time that’s tracked for that project is given an hourly rate, which adds up to the final amount.

But many of our users sometimes perform some tasks that they do not bill their clients for.

So we added the possibility to flag some entries as “not billable“, within a billable project. Those entries will not be counted in the final amount.

You can manage your billable and not billable entries from the Entries section

#5 Setting up a cost and user rate for each team member

A few months ago, we introduced the possibility to set different hourly rates for the users who take part in a project, as well as the member average cost calculator that helps teams understand whether the projects are profitable or not.

With this update, we have made it even easier for teams to manage their rates and costs.

In the Team Members section, it’s possible to set a fixed hourly rate and hourly cost for each member:

You can set these amounts once, and then let the platform make the correct final calculations.

When you set an hourly rate for a user in the Team Members section, once you add the user to a billable project, Timeneye will remember that amount and pre-fill the hourly rate. You can always edit that rate when you create the project if you need to.

What do you think of this update? Make sure to give the new features a try, and let us know in the comments!

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