February 20, 2017

Time track inside Asana thanks to the new Timeneye integration

Any successful team knows that keeping track of everyone’s work is essential to finish a project. Adding efficient and detailed time tracking to the process will make sure that no minute of your precious time gets lost.

We have been working hard to integrate Timeneye with several productivity tools that help teams keeping track of their work. And today, we hare happy to announce our new native integration for Asana. Tracking time inside Asana tasks has never been so easy!

A native integration

So far, our integration with Asana has been provided by our Timeneye Widget for Google Chrome. The widget made a little Timeneye icon appear inside your tasks, similar to our other widget integration such as Trello, Wunderlist, Todist, and may more.

But to track time, our users had to replicate all the Asana project and tasks inside Timeneye. This process could work for small projects and teams but could be very time-consuming for big teams with many projects. And just like you, we hate time-wasters!

Thanks to our users’ precious feedback, we had the idea of developing a true Asana account integration to provide a seamless connection between the two platforms.

We are happy to announce that our integration is fully functional and ready to help your daily productivity!

How it works

From now on, you will be able to import all your Asana projects into Timeneye or link them in just a few clicks. Same goes for all your Asana users: you will never worry about leaving someone behind ever again!

We created this integration to allow time tracking inside Asana tasks. Now, you will be able to track time without leaving Asana, like this:

  • Enter a comment with the amount of time spent on that task (don’t worry if you still haven’t completed the task, you will be able to register more time later by adding more comments). Formats accepted are, for example, “1h15″ or “75min”. This procedure might sound familiar if you are already using our Basecamp 2 integration.


  • Or you can simply track time by marking a task as completed: when the tasks is completed in Asana, you will see it appear inside the Suggestions box.


For more information, check out our detailed guide on the Asana integration from our support site.We are very happy for this achievement and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts about it!

Give it a try and sign up for a free 30-day Timeneye trial!


Marketing Manager at Timeneye. She’s passionate about technology and finding better, smarter ways to work. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and belting out tunes from Broadway musicals (although the neighbours don’t seem to appreciate that). Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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